Invented By~ Sushi and her mom (it's true!)

Home World~ Spirit

Height at the Shoulder~ 8-12 ft, females are a good two or so feet bigger than males

Species' Colors~ Anything not flourescent, pink, or neon.

Temperment~ Unknown.

Species' Description~ Their heads are long and wedge-shaped, but still sturdy and they have strong jaws with shark-like teeth and long fangs. Their eyes are large, and their ears are internal, and they have two sets of nostrils - one in the normal place and the other above and behind their ears. Their senses are excellent. Also, from their upper lip and going up, they have a smooth shield - like a bug reflecter on a truck. Their neck is somewhat T-rexish, but they have a strong bone-frill like Triceratops. Moving back, their shoulders are hunched and burly. Their forearms are short and squat, immensely strong and not very agile, usually used in close grappling or swimming. They have dragon-like talons, thickly webbed, with… well, you know the biggest claw on a Velociraptor's foot? the one that's upright? well, their four toes each end in one of those. Those feet are the same for forepaws and hindpaws, but the hindpaws are heavier and bigger, and the forepaw claws are sharper. Their torso is rather raptor/T-rex-ish. They have wide, heavy-duty ribs, six-chambered heart, and two oversized lungs — they also have gills under their jaw. They have huge draconic wings, wings so big they look like they'd fit a crett twice their size. Their hind legs are T-rex-ish, but with a shorter shin and armored hip-plates. Oh! I almost forgot. On all four legs, where a dog would have a dew claw, they have a short toe ending in the same claw as the other toes, and that can act as a sort of thumb. Their tails are five or six feet long, thick and powerful, and ends in a sort of rudder. It flattens out into an almost heart-shape, but the 'heart' lays flat, and then there's another one vertical. It helps steer. Their hides are down-feathered, allowing them to float, but then there's a second layer of dragon-scales over that. Their heads have no down underneath, though. Their wings, even the membranes, do have scales and down, so are very heavy and can be used as a shield or armor when in battle. And: They can swim very well, fly very well though they're not too agile, and run extremely fast and for a long time.

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