Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 3-4 ft.

Species' Colors~ Usually pastels. Their eyes are deeper, more vibrant colours, and if they have markings, those tend to be darker as well. The rare Zeni (in the Elder Days, it used to be very common) can shift their colour at will, and the even rarer individual can become translucent. This is what helped them hunt, and now that ability fades, and the species declines.

Temperment~ Reasonably unknown, but loving of their family.

Species' Description~ Basically Athians, Zeni are low-slung quadrupeds, with long-toed paws, proportionally short limbs, and long torsos and medium-length necks. Their tails are slim and rarely are longer than their bodies, ending in a short (3-4 in) blade. Their paws, equipped with nicely curving and heavy claws, are the death-dealing weapon with which they hunt and bring down their prey. Muscular as they go, Zeni don't have fur, but smooth and tough hide. Fair runners, they're family-oriented and devoted to their cubs.

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