Yrenndama (EErehndah-mah)

Invented By~ Kain

Home World~ Magaol

Height~ bout 10-15 feet, and that much long. They are squaaaares! MUhahahahaaaa!

Coloration~ Their main colors are blue, green, red, purple, and black, but there can be others, just rarer, like yellow or orange. They are never a metallic color, because that's for their markings. They are heavily marked in gold, silver, bronze, or copper, which is also the color of their blades, horns, and claws. Their eyes tend to be cooler colors, black and gray and blue and green.

Personality~ They are not sentient. They cannot communicate with anyone, but can still get emotions across, like a sound for fear and a sound for anger. And so on. They are quite dumb, too, but incredibly powerful. They can be trained, though, as pack-beasts and fighters. And the taller, thinner ones are smarter, but weaker, rarer, and more stubborn. So you can train them, but they aren't as useful. So that's out of the question. The Yrenndama can sometimes puzzle things out, though enough thinking, but they aren't patient and get mad vey quickly. They tend to be protective, too.

Appearance~ Their head is of a T-rex's, with heavy, crushing jaws and brawny muscles. Their ears are holes in the back of their head, covered in thic flaps f skin that can lift and shut, to control hearing ability. Still, its not very good. Their eyes, too, are small and weak, and like a human's. Thier noses, though, is incredible. Most of their intelligence is through their smelling ability. Ther necks are short and thick, with the esophagus near the middle, for protection. Their rib cages start neach the head, too, and all of their bones are tough, but flexible. And, like the Mekk, their thick lungs protect the heart. Their chests are heavy and muscular, with slightly thinner waists and a compressed body. Their shoulder blades just out quite far, and they postition their front legs like a bulldog does. Each leg is tipped in a heavy paw, with the catching/tearing claws of a Hremhar. Their front legs are longer than the back, but no less straong. The back legs bend like a human's at the knee, and their short tails are like a dino's, but stubby. They have huge blades that run down their back adn sides, and two jagged horns that moo from the backs of their heads. Their covered in thick scales. Oh,a dn one very odd thing… a Yrenndama can't breath from its mouth. Its lone, large nostril is on its chest, and has a thick flap of skin to cover it, mostly.

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