Invented By~ Fangs

Height at the Shoulder~ 5 ft

Species' Colors~ Any mellow, earth-toned color. Rarely any markings.

Temperment~ Cocky, prideful, playful, jesting, dangerous, powerful, defensive, intense.

Species' Description~ Oh, the hard part. *G* They're quadrupeds, and nearly extinct on Lavana. Mortal enemies of Nigias. They have a canine-raptor head, with almond-shaped eyes and dog-like ears. Very sharp, shark-like teeth. They have saberfangs, which can be pushed out farther to increase length by a few inches, but usually barely reach past their chin. They have a longish neck and kinda slender torso and slim, long legs. Their paws are almost canine, but with longer, clawed toes, four on each paw. Their tails are long and muscular, but lean, and are tipped in a blade, like a Korat's. They rely mostly on their speed to get into (and out of) fights, able to run over 200 mph, and simply sonic in a paw-to-paw fight. If they have any faults, it's their willingness to fight, and their sheer pride and cockiness. Needless to say, any Yosha will either run from or try to kill any Nigia (not Niyia, mind you) on sight. Their population on Lavana is down to a few hundreds, thanks to the big cats killing them off. No one's too awful sure why the species hate each other, or how it started. Fangs is the Yosha Original, though most believe her dead now…

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