Ykinde: Atlas

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Note: Numbers following a region name are the regions that border it.

1) The Endless Cold - 10, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
1a) The Frozen River (walkable river E-W)
1b) The Ice Caves (extensive cave system underground, ice formations)
1c) Ancient Ruins (mysterious stone ruins, vaguely Avanic but not quite)
1d) The North Pole (magical hotspot)

2) The Ice Delta - 1, 10, 19, 3
2a) The White Isle (northern landmass surrounded by icewater)
2b) The Grey Wood (southern rounded islet; evergreens & mist)
2c) Hardwater Path (N-S path made of ice floes or frozen-solid water)

3) The Old Rocks - 1, 4, 11, 20, 19, 2
3a) Northern Hills (northern third of zone, rolling hills and tundra)
3b) Silver Plateau (middle of zone, huge plateau, perfectly flat, magical hotspot)
3c) Yellow Mountain (dead volcano, west-middle of zone)

4) Fire Mountain Grave - 1, 3, 5, 11, 12
4a) Fire Mountain's Gullet (interior of the dead volcano)
4b) Black Teeth (ridges of volcanic glass along the northern border of zone)
4c) Ashen Lips (the rim and uppermost slopes of the dead volcano)
4d) The Old Pyre (south of volcano, miles and miles of deep grey ash)

5) Green Stone Hills - 1, 6, 14, 13, 12, 4
5a) Emerald Warren (a maze of valleys between steep hills)
5b) The Caps (a short series of interlinking hilltops)
5c) The Deep Fall (a very large hole/pit in the side of a hill of unknown depth)

6) The Snow Waste - 1, 7, 14, 5
6a) Death's Hem (northernmost edge; entire area frozen solid)
6b) Spiral Path (a winding path that takes you under the frozen surface)
6c) Caves of Light (reached from 6b; cave system made of ice, not rock)
6d) Ice Manor (place on surface directly above 6c; magical hotspot)

7) Daggerteeth Mountains - 1, 8, 15, 14, 6
7a) Fangtip Peak (tallest peak in range, barren rock & steep slopes)
7b) Scar Path (winding, narrow path NW-SE along the range)
7c) Sheath Cavern (deep pocket inside 7a's slope; depths unexplored)

8) The Fog Marsh - 1, 9, 17, 16, 15, 7
8a) The Darkening Lands (main landmass in NE of zone, dead forest)
8b) The Shattered Lake (southernmost part; scattered islets and ice floes)
8c) The Bog (stretch of land with mire, quicksand, etc)

9) The Frozen Forest - 1, 8, 17, 18, 10,
9a) The Canopy (part of the forest has a walkable canopy, strengthened with ice)
9b) The Roots (a tunnel system beneath the huge frozen roots)
9c) The Misty Clearing (a clearing miles wide in the center; magical hotspot)

10) Stark Mountains - 9, 18, 19, 2
10a) Stark Caves (huge cave system filled with dead ends and pits)
10b) The Safeway (the only safe path through the mountains)
10c) The Peaks (the mountain peaks are interconnected with dangerous pathways)

11) Scar Ridges - 3, 4, 12, 23, 22, 27, 21, 20
11a) Still Dunes (canyons and ridges sculpted by wind; resemble sand dunes)
11b) Pockmarks (little niches in the ridges that link to one another via small tunnels)
11c) Battle's Grave (old fields at the base of the mountain, filled with bones & spearheads)

12) The Empty Land - 4, 5, 13, 25, 24, 11
12a) Garraf Territory (Lupos)
12b) Ihnon Territory (Lupos)
12c) The Green Heart (small forest-oasis in the middle of the desolace)

13) Father's Bed - 5, 14, 34, 25, 12
13a) Father's Den (huge blackened crater in center of zone - magical hotspot)
13b) Father's Blanket (rippling, rolling hills surrounding 13a)
13c) Father's Pillow (rocky outcropping that juts out over the crater, deforming the circle)

14) The Unending Grass - 6, 7, 15, 35, 34, 13, 5
14a) The Lone Oasis (tiny oasis with a few trees and a spring-fed pond)
14b) Mirage Fields (patch of grass in SE corner that appears blue; magical hotspot)
14c) Goldbasket Farm (huge human-only settlement)

15) West Tooth - 7, 8, 16, 35, 14
15a) Fang Canyon (darkest streak in zone; deep, dark, dry canyon)
15b) West Hills (SW-NE range of small but sharp and jagged mountains)
15c) Whetstone Flats (northernmost part of zone; flat rock for miles, smooth and uncracked)

16) Father's Throat - 8, 17, 36, 35, 15
16a) Kieran Territory (Lupos)
16b) Father's Spine (N-S indentation on map; series of spire-like hills and deep pitted valleys)
16c) The Bloodied Lands (SE stretch of flatter lands; site of huge battles, littered with bones)

17) East Tooth - 8, 9, 18, 36, 16
17a) Stretch of Gold (long N-S strip of prairie and land great for farming; huge herds of prey)
17b) The Eastern Hills (N-S range of rolling hills with plenty of wildlife)
17c) The Bone Desert (large southern section of dry desert; usually a battlefield)

18) The Fickle Green - 9, 10, 19, 37, 17
18a) Father's Promise (large-ish oasis/forest; only place that stays reliably green and watered)
18b) Dunelands (SE area; shifting sands and strong winds)
18c) Jungle's Outrunner (southern oasis only a short ways from the greenery of 37)

19) Dragonspine Range - 10, 18, 37, 38, 2, 3, 20, 26
19a) Dragon Tail (western area of zone, flat and dusty)
19b) Dragon Belly (central southish area of zone, savannahs and streams)
19c) Dragon Teeth (NE part of zone, sharp and tall mountains)
19d) Dragon Tongue (path from 19b to 19c through the peaks)

20) The Blessed Hills - 3, 21, 27, 39, 26, 19
20a) The Westsweep (SW corner of zone, fairly flat and gentle lands, good for farming)
20b) The Mongah River (NE-SW wide, calm river with lots of fish)
20c) The Highest Blessing (south-central area in zone; hills rising into mountains; magical hotspot)

21) Cat's Eye Oasis - 11, 27, 20
21a) Hunter's Heart (present/future site of the Pantheran Hunter tribe)
21b) The Cat's Pupil (the water of the oasis and its shores; unusually dark and clear)
21c) Ring of Palms (literally, the little ring of woods - palms and bamboo - around the water)

22) Waterbed Lakes - 11, 23, 29, 28
22a) Moonsong Lake (NE lake+shores, as well as forest to the NE)
22b) Sunfire Lake (W lake+shores)
22c) Skywind Lake (SE lake+shores)
22d) Cousin's Mire (SW "pond" - thick, brackish marsh)
22e) Treegem Lake (tiny central-east lake between 22a and 22c)
22f) Tirajo (in the forest west of 22e; Panthera Hunter territory)

23) The Little Sea - 24, 30, 29, 22, 11
23a) The Tearless Shores (shores of the giant 'Little Sea' lake; great fishing)
23b) The Siren Wood (northern patch of sparse, bright forest)
23c) Deernest (eastern patch of deciduous, level forest; great hunting)

24) Elk Plains - 12, 25, 33, 32, 23
24a) The Rutting Savannah (western portion of zone, dry and prairie-like)
24b) Antler Plateau (somewhat NE of zone, low and flat-topped plateaux)
24c) The Brown Desert (south-central of zone, an unusually dark-sanded desert)

25) The Howling Forest - 12, 13, 34, 33, 24
25a) Tehar Territory (Lupos; NW area)
25b) The Wolf's Throat (center of the wood; dense, shadowy jungle)
25c) Fezhar Territory (Lupos)

26) The Greymarsh - 19, 20, 39, 47, 38
26a) The Northern Steps (stretch of dank forest along the north of subzone)
26b) The Saltmarsh (pocked peninsulas and bays and deltas in SE; still swampy)
26c) The Blue Bog (NW body of water; the cleanest and clearest in the marsh)
26d) The Still Heart (center of zone; collection of bogs, mires, and small bodies of water; deadly)
26e) Fang Wood (south; huge patch of forest rife with strange creatures and spirits; magical hotspot)
26f) Dead Man's Mire (central-east body of water and its shores)
26g) Salty Port (Human port on the sea's side of the Saltmarsh)
26h) Fang Outpost (collaboration of Dedalis Lupos, Panthera Walker and Hunter tribes, and Mora-Ykinde Avans; located in forest between 26f and 26b)

27) The Choking Dust - 21, 28, 31, 40, 39, 20
27a) The Dying Desert (NW and N stretch of zone; deep, deep sand-pits & wind)
27b) The Fallen Sky (middle area of zone, constant sandstorms— can't see sky)
27c) The Brown Forest (E stretch from N-S; dust-filled, half-dead sparse forest)

28) The Roiling Dark - 22, 29, 31, 27
28a) Shadowflame Lake (main lake; dark except during sunset, when it looks like fire)
28b) Three Sisters (the smallest three ponds/lakes, clean but somewhat swampy)
28c) The Shifting Wood (NW and W forest, extends N towards 22b; dark)
28d) The Richest Forest (SE forest; lush, jungle-like, bountiful)
28e) West Outpost (Panthera Walker outpost in 28d)

29) Cathold - 23, 31, 30, 28, 22
29a) Kurajos (Panthera Walker territory)
29b) Northern Cathold (N part of zone; deciduous, spacious forests)
29c) Southern Cathold (S part of zone; thicker, jungled forests)

30) Wolflands - 23, 32, 31, 29
30a) Lake of Sons (smaller NW lake; great fishing, green shores)
30b) Lake of Fathers (larger central lake; somewhat rocky shores)
30c) The Wolf's Pelt (central-east forest; thick but deciduous, seasonal, lovely)
30d) Tehar Outreach (trading post between Panthera Walkers & Tehar Lupos)

31) Ykinde's Heart - 28, 29, 30, 32, 40, 27
31a) Royalwood Post (Human-run trading post, central-west)
31b) Bloody River (W-E river that cuts the zone in half, usually the site of battle)
31c) Sillinter Territory (Lupos; NE corner)
31d) Eyin-Ykinde (Avan; SE corner)
31e) Walker Outpost (N-central edge; well-fortified Pantheran outpost)
31f) Sillinter Outreach (trading post between Panthera Walkers & Sillinter Lupos; between 31e and 31c)

32) The Running Plains - 24, 33, 41, 48, 40, 31, 30
32a) The Inlet (NW 'thumb' of flatland protruding into the wooded areas of 31)
32b) Runner's Wood (NW patch of sparse, level forest)
32c) The Runner's Track (a relatively straight, wide, level path from S to N)

33) The Bleeding Forest - 24, 25, 34, 49, 41, 32
33a) The Spire (NW corner, huge dormant volcano/mountain, very dangerous)
33b) Whitesky Post (Human-run trading post, central-west)
33c) Hara-Ykinde (Avan city; SE area)
33d) The Red Grove (NE part of zone; common battleground)
33e) Fezhar Outpost (Lupos outpost N of 33d)

34) The Deceiving Forest - 13, 14, 42, 50, 49, 33, 25
34a) The Twisted Wood (huge southern patch of forest; seems to move and lose people)
34b) Kallin Territory (Lupos; NW area in sparse forest)
34c) Jeki-Ykinde (Avan city; south of 34a)

35) Father's Arm - 14, 15, 16, 36, 43, 42
35a) Father's Shoulder (mountainous, rocky region middle-west of zone)
35b) Father's Elbow (central-north 'spike' - lots of ore)
35c) Father's Fist (eastern part of zone; riddled with individual caves)

36) Father's Edge - 35, 16, 17, 37, 44, 43
36a) Father's Spearpoint (SE edge that borders 44 & 37)
36b) The Final Border (NW edge; rocky outcroppings and small mountains)
36c) The Fallen Children (SW-NE stretch of battlegrounds, littered with bones)
36d) Kieran Outpost (Lupos outpost just N of 36c)

37) The Lakes Thrice - 18, 19, 38, 45, 51, 44, 36
37a) Lake Haryan (largest lake; eastern)
37b) Lake Kunyan (NW lake + two "ponds" near it)
37c) Lake Fanyan (S lake in the cluster)
37d) Kunyan-Ykinde (Avan city between 37a and 37b)
37e) Haryan-Ykinde (Avan city to E of 37a)
37f) The Lost Lake (southernmost body of water)
37g) The Lake's Greens (western patch of forest; beautiful lands)

38) Northern Greenlands - 19, 37, 45, 46, 26, 46
38a) The Yellow Wood (NW patch; very dry but living forest)
38b) The Locked Boughs (strange patch of interlocking trees in far west)
38c) The Green Tunnel (earth-walled tunnel system in central zone)

39) The Dusty Coast - 20, 27, 40, 26
39a) The Peninsula of Sand (SE corner, sandy/dusty as hell)
39b) Drysand Port (Human settlement; not trading port, just point for sailers)
39c) Brown River (NW-SE river, muddy and dusty, terrible fishing)

40) Bahb's Bounty - 31, 32, 48, 39, 27
40a) Legacy, Capitol (Humansettlement; Bahb's birthplace, center area)
40b) Bluesea Port (Humansettlement and seaport; on peninsula)
40c) The Bountiful Wood (SW corner, dark green area; lush jungles)
40d) Blacksoil Post (Humantrading post, NE corner, fertile land)

41) Beauty's Nest - 32, 33, 49, 50, 48
41a) Irit-Ykinde (Avan; NW)
41b) Irit Lake (NW body of water)
41c) Hudi-Ykinde (Avan; mid-E edge)
41d) Kiri Lake (large body of water)
41e) Kiri-Ykinde (Avan city on eastern shore of 41d)

42) The Cradle of the Sun - 35, 43, 50, 34
42a) Sundust Stretch (NE/central part of zone; dry, boiling hot desert)
42b) The Dusty Tunnels (network of seemingly handmade but empty tunnels)
42c) Drybranch Farm (SW corner, huge Human-run farm set on plainslands)

43) Blade Coast - 42, 36, 44, 50
43a) Blade Wood (stretch of pale green in center of zone; haven for brigands)
43b) Bladeguard (network of inlets and islands/peninsulas; haven for pirates)
43c) Blade Lake (large body of water in SW corner; magical hotspot but guarded by thieves)
43d) Blade Port (Human trading/sea port along the coast)

44) West Fathom Woods - 36, 37, 51, 43, 53
44a) The Blackest Wood (central-west expanse of tangled, dark jungle)
44b) West Fathom Coast (the coast, riddled with shoals)
44c) The Lonely Path (faint, unmarked path leading from 44 to 45)

45) East Fathom Woods - 37, 38, 46, 51, 54
45a) Fathom Lake (larger body of water)
45b) The Lost Path (faint, unmarked path leading from 45 to 44)
45c) The Toothy Wood (stretch of dark jungle from N-S; very dangerous plants)

46) Central Greenlands - 38, 45, 54, 55, 47
46a) Jaded Forest (the prettiest and most empty forest; magical hotspot)
46b) Gerenen Territory (Lupos; central area)
46c) The Losing Forest (south-central; Ykinde's Bermuda Triangle; magical hotspot)

47) Eastern Greenlands - 26, 46, 56
47a) Greenlands Lake (large body of water in S)
47b) The Path Home (incredibly long, twisting, spiraling-inward path that leads nowhere)
47c) The Forest of Dew (dark area in W of zone; tons of gems here; magical hotspot)
47d) Mora-Ykinde (Avan city in north-central area sandwiched by the Greymarsh)

48) Manhome - 40, 32, 41, 58
48a) Talltree Port (Human settlement; seaport on W coast)
48b) The Prophetic Forest (massive deciduous forest in central area; Bahb wandered here)
48c) Blackwater Town (Human settlement; plenty of oil and coal and ore; central-E)
48d) Steelhand Town (Human settlement on S tip of peninsula; tons of engineering)

49) Beauty's Wing - 34, 50, 41, 33
49a) Arak-Ykinde (Avan city + farmlands in central-W of zone; HUGE land area)
49b) Arak Outpost (outpost associated with 49a, N of 49a, well-armed with half an army)
49c) Jirin-Ykinde (Avan city in NE)

50) The Feathered Coast - 41, 49, 34, 42, 43
50a) The Colored Skies (area of peninsula in central-S; filled with birds of all kinds)
50b) Openwing Port (Human settlement/seaport in SW)
50c) The Feathered Isles (string of little islands, reachable by Avans flying or humans sailing)

51) Central Fathom Woods - 44, 45, 54, 52, 37
51a) Kekken Wood (SE corner, home to kekkens - mythical, deadly beasts)
51b) Myreen Wood (central-N patch, home to myreens - hostile forest-spirits)

52) Southern Fathom Woods - 51, 54, 53
52a) Thera-Ykinde (Avan city, central-S of zone)
52b) Fathom Desert (eastern swatch of yellow; scrubland and desert)

53) Fathom Islands - 44, 52, 54
53a) Fathom Coast (the N half of the coastline, with the lakes and inlets)
53b) Fathom's Reach (large NW island)
53b) Cursed Port (Human settlement just S of 53a; seaport & trading post)
53c) Shattered Isle (largest isle, reachable by ship or gryphon; mysterious and dark)

54) The Cold Haven - 53, 52, 51, 45, 46, 55
54a) Haven East (the eastern coastline)
54b) Haven West (the western coastline)
54c) Coldwater Port (Human settlement in SW corner)

55) World's End - 54, 46, 56
55a) The Lowest Coast (the coastline, riddled with shoals and ice floes)
55b) The End's Current (the swath of ocean between coast and isles; dangerous to sail)
55c) The Lowest Islands (the islands, usually frozen and snowy, home to strange beasts)

56) The Green Coast - 55, 47, 57
56a) The Green Peninsula (the SW-NE peninsula)
56b) The Wandering Isles (cluster of small isles in SW; they seem to move on occasion)
56c) Pinefoot Port (Human settlement & seaport on island in far N of zone)

57) The Distant Isles (here there be dragons - reachable only by ship, not gryphon) - 56
57a) Home of the Ancestors (largest two isles that are joined by land bridges in N of zone)
57b) The Cat's Spots (collection of smaller isles in W, thought to be held by Panthera)
57c) The Unknown Isle (the farthest long isle in the SE)

58) The Lost Isles (here there be dragons, too) - 48
58a) Snakehead Island (central island, inhabited largely by reptiles)
58b) Horserun Island (eastern island, populated by ungulates and their natural predators)
58c) Whitebear Island (southern island, populated by polar bears, seals, and etc)


  • 15, 16, 17, 35, and 36 collectively make up Father's Teeth
  • 44, 45, 51, and 52 collectively make up Fathom Woods
  • 22, 23, 28, 29, and 30 collectively make up the Six Lakes region.
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