Invented By~ Wisen

Home World~ Aibla

Height at the Shoulder~ Three feet, with a wingspan of fifteen feet.

Species' Colors~ Metallic and earth tones.

Temperament~ Devilish and purely mischievous, Yiterens love a good prank and usually have a large repetoir of jokes or other funny things. They're not beyond messing something up for sheer joy of seeing the consternation in someone's expression.

Species' Description~ Sleekly-furred animals, Yiterens have a lapine (lapine = rabbit-like) head with compound eyes, glittery even though they're covered with a transparent eyelid. Their mouth looks like something that could take a chunk out of a steel wall, powerful and wickedly fanged. The torso is also lapine and rather bulky. Their two forearms are short, appear weak, and end in slender hands with hollow, serrated claws. The two hind legs, muscular and stocky, are able to propel the species high into the air in a leaping run of 30 mph. They have only a stub for a tail, but almost as if to compensate, they have two shiny, draconic wings, tightly furled over their back and flanks. They can go on either two legs or all four, but are usually considered quadrupeds.

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