Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 4-5 ft.

Species' Colors~ Blues, greens, violets, greys, browns.

Temperment~ Playful creatures, Yits are highly intelligent and perceptive. They're also very active and chafe at any restrictions - this includes rules and tradition.

Species' Description~ Agile and limber quadrupeds, Yits are omnivores, scavenging or foraging mainly, with the odd fish or small prey in between. Their heads are vaguely canine, heavily whiskered, and with large, foxish ears. They have longish necks, deep chests, and not-too-narrow waists, with a tail barely as long as their torso and agile, if not prehensile. Their limbs, however, are somewhat… different. The easiest way to explain their forelimbs is to have you, a human (or at least partly human) to place your palm flat on the floor, then lift the heel of your hand off, so that your thumb is barely touching the ground and your fingers are splayed. Their forelimbs have that range of movement. Their hind legs are agile but normal, however they have the same splayed-hand-wrist thingy for hindpaws too. If you can't understand that, the only other way I can explain their paws is that they have a second wrist, with a 'thumb' protruding from the side of that higher wrist-joint. Oh, and their fingers are clawed, of course.

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