Species: Yharrow


Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 3 to 3.5 feet

Species' Colors~ Think tropical parrot. These guys can be any shade under the sun and usually mix more than four hues in their coloration. A calico is rare, and two or one colors is unheard-of. Colors usually consist of half bright, vivid hues, and then darker, duller hues to balance. Eyes are solidly-colored, luminous in the dark, and usually bright in hue.

Temperament~ Staunch in what they believe, Yharrows are honorable and true, though not above a witty prank or smart alec joke now and then. They can be lazy, but more often are doing what they love - sleeping, or sunbathing… or hunting, playing, or tusseling. Yharrows are very social creatures and are never found alone, unless tragedy has struck. They lend a paw without hesitation in a bad situation and are not biased against any Lavanian species, though they have a deeper kinship with Korats, Fettis, and Nigias than the others. Mostly, these cretts need to be judged individually.

Species' Description~ Yharrows are quadrupeds, small by Lavanian standards. They have a deep chest and slender waist, more along the lines of canine than feline, which is very flexible and with broad rib-slats to protect the highly-efficient organs within. Their heads are raptorish, sporting an often-spiked fur-crest running from between their eyes to the back of their skull and sometimes partially down their arched, medium-length neck. They have saberfangs and otherwise feline teeth, plus lupine ears. Their forelimbs are wolfish but with some extra lean muscles, and they have two thick toes and a short, upright toe like a Velociraptor's, though instead of the long talons that raptors have, they have feline digits with large, sharp, unretractable claws. Their hind legs are feline and very powerful, ending in three-toed heavy talons. Their tails are longer than themselves, immensely strong, and wielding an oddly-shaped blade. The blade branches downwards from the tail, sharpens to a point, then the rest of the blade follows the tail's direction in a much bigger point, almost like an old-fashioned can opener. Only the tips of the blade are very sharp, with the inner curves being reasonably sharp, so they'll cut if wielded hard enough. Yharrows have an odd type of hide - leathery skin is covered with a half-inch or so of what seems to be wiry, thickly-plaited hair, through which 'regular' fur of two inches sprouts. This hide is very hard to penetrate, though you wouldn't think it to look at the seemingly normal fur. These quadrupeds are very powerful and agile, not the fastest at running though. They tend to live in forests, where their agility and strength can aid them in springing through the trees. Their senses are also very good - matching Korat senses, in fact. Yharrows have very remarkable voices, due to about four sets of vocal chords. They speak in very high and pure tones, which hardly irritates the ear, and they can growl in lower tones, but when screeching -their normal sound and what their native language is 'spoken' in- all four sets of vocal chords vibrate at once, producing a metallic-raptorish-bird of prey-cat screaming-ish sound which, to say the least, is unpleasant to those unused to it.

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