Invented By~ Kleymu

Height at the Shoulder~ About 6 ft.

Species' Colors~ Really, any colors. Any colors, any markings. The more extreme the colors, the more extreme the Xenne. The more contradicting the colors (like blue and red, purple and yellow, black and white) the more contradicting the Xenne's personality will be. Their eyes tend to be the same color as their tufts and mane. A hint on what they like is in their coloration, as well.

Red- Love to hunt, love challenges and adventures.
Blue- Calm and easygoing, love swimming.
Grey- Very changing and powerful for short periods of time.
Black- Secretive, a loner, powerful.
White- Innocent, weak, a healer.
Green- A love for all living things, healer, generally happy.
Brown- A feel for the plants and trees, a gardener, a leader, strong.
Purple- Very profound, insightful, perceptive, often has mental capabilities.
Orange- Intense, hyper, energetic, happy, playful…. INTENSE.
Yellow- Happy, childlike, immature, indecisive.

Temperment~ Depends COMPLETELY on the individual.

Species' Description~ A very large feline. Very colorful. (Yeah, brain freeze, can't write good. No write good. AH!) They have big paws, broad heads, long thick tails, manes, heavy bodies, and long(ish) limbs. They DO have claws, retractable ones, which are rarely used except in hunting. They have a mouth full of sharp fangs and strong jaws, since they're omnivores. Their paws, where the dewclaw would be, has a thick tuft of fur, and the tail has a tuft on it, as well. You can tell their personality from their colors on the lush, thick, glossy fur, as shown above. Their rank (they live in prides) you can tell by their mane. The shorter it is, the more radical and rebellious they are. The leaders will have a long, very full mane. The quieter they are, the thinner the mane. The longer the mane is, the more confortmist and 'normal' they are, and the louder, the fuller the mane. Also, if a curly mane ever shows up, that individual is shunned from the group. (No one knows why, it just happens.) On their planet, every form of life, be it flower, cloud, stone, bird, or cat, is loved and respected for being alive. They give thanks to Mother Nature before every hunt and every harvest. They do garden and farm, and keep 'orchards' where they plant saplings of the many fruit trees that grow on their planet. They tend to be pacifists, although often enough will go to great lengths to affect changes that they believe will enhance life - not only their own lives, either. Most cats under middle-aged will be playful and light-hearted, liking to run or swim or hunt for the sheer joy of it.

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