Vygun (plural~ Vygun || adjective~ Vygunin)

Invented By~ Majhiik Deltant

Home World~ Magaol

Height at the Shoulder~ Six to ten feet.

Species' Colors~ They lean towards either flat gold and dust brown, forest green and nightsky black, or blood crimson and moon silver. For the gold-brown's, the eye color is any shade of blue. For green-black, it's a silvery hue, and the crimson-silvers have green. Their membranes are all one color, yet can be any shade. Usually dark ones. They have markings, the second color in the three main versions. These markings are heavy stripes or simply mottled in. The headfur is the color of either their eyes or membranes.

Temperment~ Most Vygun are absent and unaware, spending their time vaguely working on their machines and exploring the deep space. It is rare that they befriend out of their own race, yet some do, and some aren't idle. Yet when provoked, any Vygun gets angry and harsh. If the agitator doesn't leave after a serious tounge-lashing, they're in for a good bladestrike. So beware!

Species' Description~ Let us begin with the head. A Vygunin cranium is kind of humanoid in shape, yet with a faint muzzle somewhat resembling a tiger's. The eyes are avian. Whiskers protrude from on the human-cheek area. Long ears, like triangular flaps of skin with the point attached to the head, droop along the back. The neck is somewhat longer than a human's would be, proportionally about one-and-a-half times the length. They do have hair; described as headfur, it's no more than a short scruffy half-mane. Vygun are strictly bipedal, even with their long pair of main arms. The torso is quite shallow, yet with broad shoulders, that narrows as it moves down. So when you get a back view of a Vygun, the whole body is shaped like a triangle, until the tail. The first pair of arms are crafted like a human's, and are attached in a similar place. The fingers, though, number in six, and are much longer and thinner, with a similarly shaped palm. The thumb is the size and length of one of the pinky finger, and jointed the same as well. Anywho, they don't really have separate fignernails. The skin hardens and points out at the tip, so a claw is built right into the finger. Their hands are quite disturbing, yet very nimble and agile. And strong. Hundreds of miniscule muscles are threaded through them, backing each other up, so that Vygun can almost bend steel in their grip. Their bodies aren't weak, either. With muscle-work resembling that in the fingers, the whole form of a Vygun can lift and place huge weights. Ideal when making ships. The second set of Vygunin arms are scrawny in comparison. They are a little bit shorter than the first arms, shaped the same except bonier, and small draconian wings grow off them. The advantages of these wings are unknown, yet the arms themselves are quite nifty in a tight spot. Vygun are masters of the celestial piano. The legs, now, aren't shaped like anything in particular. Somewhat humanoid, somewhat draconian, the legs I'll just have to describe. The upper thigh is vaguely human, narowing as it heads toward the first knee. This first bend is jointed as a human's is. The first shin is short, only about three-quarters of a foot, yet very thick. The second knee is bent opposite from the human one. So Vygun have the double-knee trait. The second shin is as long as the thigh, so it's about one-and-a-half to three feet. It widens as it goes, ending in a very large, comical, clumsy-looking foot. This appendage gives the Vygun very good traction, though. It is crafted almost dinosaurian, with a broad triangular sole and three long, flat toes, splayed out. Each toe has a talon similar to that of the hand, with hardened skin forming it. The tail is quite interesting, to say the least. With a basic dinosaurian form, thick at the base and growing thin, they are quite long, about as long as the Vygun is tall. Like a lizard, these are detachable, yet to do so causes a flood of pale gray ichor and a great amount of stinging. Also lizardic, the tail grows back in a matter of weeks. Now, back to the anatomy. On this tail is a draconian fin. The main fin-bone protrudes a few inches down the tail from the base, and it stretches to a full three feet or so in length. Spaced about a quarter-foot apart are four or five more bones, thinner, and growning shorter as they move down the tail. A thin membrane connects them. One is on each side of the tail, and they're usually kept folded down. At the very end to the tail is a pincer-shaped growth, almost like another hand. The inside of the two pincers is serrated, the outside is smooth, yet the end is sharp. The only joint in this is at the base. One last little detail. The back and lower neck of the Vygun are covered in short bristles, much like that of a hedgehog. If hedgehog spines were about a half-foot long. Now, cover the rest of the form in a short fur, except for the finger and toe tips, back out, add color and markings, and there you have a Vygun! A few more quick things on the skeletal structure and organs. The spine vertebrae are very small, they allow good movement. All of the bones in a Vygun's skeleton are flexible and are coated in a tough material; they do not break easily. The ribs are thin, though, and spread out in an almost awkward fashion. Vygunin lung-walls consist of a thick skin, hard to cut through yet easily expanded for maximum breath capacity. The heart, like most of those on Magaol, is cushioned between the lungs, protected by their bulk. The stomach and other crucial organs are below the heart and lungs, and the ribs keeps on going to protect it, resulting in a ribcage that nearly reaches the hips. This does hamper the Vygun, yet the ribs thicken up as they go, which armors the vitals more. Another quick rundown of the senses and their sharpness.
Eyesight- Pretty darn good. I said the eyes are avian, but to be precise, it's more like hawk or falcon.
Scent- Not the best, their noses are small and the sense is a little bit duller than a human's would be. Not their strong point.
Hearing- Insanely powerful. When a Vygun lifts their huge ears, they can pick up the slightest sound miles away.
Taste- It doesn't really matter, but its a little bit better than a human's.
Touch- Due to the fine muscle network in the fingers, a Vygun's sense of touch is about as powerful as their sense of hearing, proportionally.

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