Vofaye ((Goes by Grysh in Sessit, Jaer in the Old Shai, but their true name is Vofaye….))

Invented By~ Crossroads

Height at the Shoulder~ anywhere from 3 to 6 ft.

Species' Colors~ Depends on where they live… generally deep earth tones in forests, dark greens in jungles, light tans in deserts and plains, and whitish grey near the poles.

Temperment~ It depends. Jaer and Grysh, despite their fearsome physical attributes, were often hunted. Therefore, most are very territorial and defensive, along with fierce around their kin. Even on their home planet of Lavana, Vofaye were not nice cretts.

Species' Description~ Lean, wiry quadruped body, canine head, big ears and big eyes and long fangs. Long tails, as well, tipped with curving blades. Large, curving claws, non-retractable. Short, coarse fur. Travel in packs and are very fierce about protecting one another. Their senses are excellent and they are pure carnivores, even though they themselves have often been the sport and prey of others. The females have a long, flowing mane down to their shoulders. And all of them have markings of a darker shade of their base color, looking like thick squiggles on their hides. Females have small streaks around their ankles, head, and tail-tip as well as the main markings. Their mane is one color only.

((Note: If you wanna join as a Jaer/Grysh/Vofaye, I hope you go to Sessit and/or have been at Shai to understand what I mean….))

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