Species: Vemeh(i)

Name - Vemeh(i) [pronounced 'VEH-meh(-hee)']

Size - 4-6 feet at the shoulder.

Physical Description - Quadrupeds, Vemehi have heavy, bear-like heads, croc-style teeth, and thick, powerful necks with rather loose skin. Their shoulders and haunches are bulging with muscle, as are their limbs. They have talons, three fingers pointing forward and one pointing back, each with a straight black claw. Their torso is thick and hardly narrower at the waist than the deep chest, due to the muscle packed into the animal. Their tails are somewhat odd, as though a shark's tail had the upper fin cut off, and then majorly shortened. This tail does nothing for balance or defense. Awesome fighters, they're not the fastest, but strength and endurance are their high points.

Coloration - Grey, black, or dark gold. Irises and pupils are both black, giving them an eerie gaze.

Temperament - Vicious and unkind fighters, nonetheless Vemehi are grudgingly respectful to those who deserve it and hold honour, pride, and courage in high regard.

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