Species: Veloce

Name - Veloce(s) [pronounced 'VAY-lowss(ez)']

Size - 5-6 feet high at the shoulder; 10-15 feet long.

Physical Description - Veloces are sleek, streamlined, bipedal hunters. Thinly-furred with a crest of feathers surrounding their skulls, these predators have long, narrow snouts filled with sharp teeth, keen slit-pupiled eyes, and no visible ears. Their necks are long and held arched, carrying their heads well above their torso, spine held horizontal. Veloces keep their leanly muscular forearms held close to their chests, leaving the three digits on each forehand loose to keep the wicked, hook-like claws away from their own flesh. Their hind legs are muscular, long, and powerful, ending in four-toed, clawed talons. Their slim tails are long and flexible, acting as rudders when running at high speeds. They are, overall, light and lean creatures, capable of great feats of speed and agility.

Coloration - Veloces tend to be light grey, dark grey, golden-white, dark brown, or blackened red-brown. They do have streak-like markings, typically on their faces, but sometimes on their flanks, wrists and ankles, or haunches; these markings (as well as their feathered crests) tend to be brightly-colored, such as red, blue, or green. Eyes are yellow-gold, and claws are black.

Temperament - Veloces are highly intelligent and cunning, despite not being sentient. They travel in small packs of 2-6 individuals and work together very well to bring down prey - which does not exclude sentients, or even other predators. Savage and relentless, a Veloce pack will stalk its prey until seizing an opportune moment when the prey's guard is down; they leap into the fray and rip the target creature apart, piece by piece, limb by limb. Most sentient Lavanians hate them, and many fear them.

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