Veleno (veh-LEHN-o)

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 2-2.5 feet

Species' Colors~ Shades of blue and green.

Temperment~ As with all small creatures, Velenos are completely insane in their fighting, but wary enough to avoid a battle with a far-larger Lavanian. In their own size range, however, they are deadly and effective killers.

Species' Description~ I'm not sure whether you'd call these guys quadrupeds or hexapeds… I'll let you judge. *G* They have pebbly, tough hide with no fur. Their heads are raptorish, skull and muzzle set at such an angle that, when their heads should be level, they're pointing sharply downwards. They have three eyes, two in the normal places and one embedded in the back of their skull. ("Do you have eyes in the back of your head?" "No, just one.") They possess a long, agile tail with a hook (almost like a raptor-claw) on the end, which is razor-sharp. Their back legs have tails at their 'elbows' (the backwards-pointing joint) which are three to four feet long and ending in smaller hooks. Their forelegs, however, are normal and muscular until you reach the elbow - there it splits off into two separate legs, one pointing forward and the other slanted backwards. (Hexapeds or quadrupeds? You tell me.) They have talon/hands, six of them, with the ones on the behind-forelegs pointing backwards as well. They're very fast runners, awesome fighters, and incredibly strong for their size. They have a set of wolfish teeth and communicate by mind-speak, though they can speak some languages, and understand whatever they can learn.

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