Invented By~ Maurah

Home World~Karasktet

Height at the Shoulder~5-6 ft

Species' Colors~As their hides can change color to blend in with anything, Vekindar's have no real colors. Many however, choose a color to stay as when they wish to be visible. The color of their blades does determine the Vekindar hiarchy, and they keep their blades the color of ranking whenever battling another Vekindar… often the fight is ended before it is begun by the clash of blades and the realization that one is of higher ranking. This is followed by the bowing of head of the lesser, and the raising of tail by the higher. From highest to lowest the tail blade colors go as follows: Gold, silver, black, grey, brown, green, red, orange, yellow. All nine are important in Vekindar daily life in different ways… and the royals (aka: gold and silver) often join the middle class (earth tones) and lower class (color tones) as the species is not a discrimnating one, merely one that was organized before organization was created.

Temperment~Vekindar's have a rather harsh temperment that is made obvious through their many social laws, graces, and honor codes. They tend to be rather stuck in their ways, but are very kind with friends and with new folks they meet,but are ruthless towards enemies. If they meet a creature they respect, they will fight for it to the death, otherwise… they can be a tad terse with the creature until it shows some reason why it should be respected.*

Species' Description~ Somewhat close to the Khauvins of their evolution, Vekindars are rather similar and are often known as the Skye Khauvin's as they can live anywhere from upon the peaks of mountains to the dryest deserts and still be comfortable, thus it is rumored they could even live in the Sky if they had to. Physically the Vekindar's main body looks like that of a Sabertooth tiger, strong and muscular, though perhaps not as fast as other cretts… But their tail makes up for that. Long lean and fast as lightning their 9 ft long tail is ended by the previously mentioned blade, sharp curved and deadly. However, back to the main body. Vekindar's forearms and hind arms connect to the torso in muscular ball joints, made so that if twisted, they are not pulled at all. They have five claws upon each paw, as well as a thumbling appendage on their forepaws which can be used to pick things up and throw them! Vekindars necks are almost as long as Khauvin's, though a tad shorter, only being exactly as long as their shoulder height. Their heads are like that of an slightly elongated cat, with the extended lower jaw for a fierce bulldogged grip. They have a hard bony plate over their heads, tipped with a poisonous spike right between the middle of their eyes, which by the way, are protected by a thin piece of clear bone, which is often removed and replaced with another one that is curved for help with bad vision. Fianally, Vekindar's have a strange power which no one has yet figured out… their stomachs createe an acid if which projected into open air, turns into stone, thus it can turn enemies into stone, or be used to create stone weapons. Also, it can be secreted through the right forepaw, to create a hard stone shield.

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