Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Spirit

Height at the Shoulder~ 4-6 ft.

Species' Colors~ Wolf colours.

Temperment~ Intelligent. Friendly. Loyal. Protective.

Species' Description~ Take a raptor, and take a wolf. Got the basic raptor shape? Okay, make it around 5 feet high at the shoulder. Give it shaggy wolf fur, a wolf's head, and for its forepaws give it wolf paws, but with long toes and a 'thumb' where the dewclaw would be. The tail is still raptor, but now shaggy and waggable, like a wolf's. Make the chest a little deeper, too. Its hind paws are over-sized wolf-paws, but with the same upright raptor claw. Thassa Uuuhreg, often just called Uuu. They have a sister-species, and are the smarter of the pair.

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