Ulin (YOU-lihn)

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 6-9 ft.

Species' Colors~ Grey or silver. Eyes are either blue, green, or gold.

Temperment~ Depends COMPLETELY on the individual.

Species' Description~ BIPEDS! YES! Wow, Sushi made a biped. *gasp* Anyways. These guys have long, gentle-looking raptor-style heads, with their lips being oddly shaped so to give their muzzle a < end. Their senses are excellent. They have long, rabbit-like ears on twisted stalks, giving them an easy way to detect sounds, but their ears are usually laid back along their skull and neck. Their torsos are somewhat deep-chested and they have smooth, short fur that's very soft to the touch. Their tail is like the Vemeh tail, short, pointed, and eel-like. It seems like a continuation of their torso to a point, really, and doesn't have much function for balance or defense. Their forearms are jointed like a raptor's, but far more muscular and heavy, ending in clawed talons. Their hind legs are jointed like a human that walks on the balls of their feet, with short thighs, long shins, and their upraised 'heels' spurred with a curved claw. They have two clawed toes on their hindpaws, as well. They can walk two ways - with their heelclaw off the ground, or flatfooted with the heelclaw digging into the earth. Fast and agile, Ulins don't stand upright like humans, nor is their spine horizontal like raptors, but tilted at a 45 degree angle instead. These bipeds prefer to stay in the huge trees of their native world.

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