Species: Tyvar(s)


Pronunciation~ TIE-varr; TIE-verr

Height at Shoulder~ 5.5 to 6.5 ft.

Weight~ 1300 to 2000 lbs.

Length Without Tail~ 13 to 16 ft.

Length With Tail~ 28 to 42 ft.

Colours~ They are always brightly coloured, and some of the vainer types tend to paint their hides. Their eyes are a cloudy swirl of pastel colours, changing with their emotions, though no particular colour means any particular emotion. They have very brightly coloured crests, as well. The only dull shade is usually their claws and blade, and even those are often painted. They're never one solid colour, not even one shaded colour, and usually have four or five hues to their hide.

Temperment~ Tyvars are rather violent and quick to take offense, but can be placated if their hostility is met with kind words and understanding. If not, they tend to go beserk, especially if they, their friends / family, or their species is insulted. With close, established friends and immediate family, however, their whole attitude changes, and they can be quite kind creatures. Also, they will never harm a young one. They love hunting more than anything in their world, even battling. They take fights quite seriously and rarely play-fight, though they will wrestle with no use of claws, teeth, or blade. Often, the parents of a few younger Tyvar will hold sparring matches, mostly to teach them not how to fight, but how to dodge.

Description~ Their head is raptorish, filled with viciously sharp teeth and very long fangs, but barely too short to be called saberteeth. Their eyes are a cloudy swirl of colours, changing with their emotions, though no particular colour means any particular emotion. They have internal ears. Also sprouting from the upper back of their skull is a crest, brilliantly coloured, stiff hairs that are mobile to express emotions as well. Their neck is medium length and sinuous, possessing great strength and a center-throat, meaning the vital veins, arteries, tubes and such are wrapped around the spine, which is in the centered in the throat and surrounded by heavy muscle.

Their shoulders are hunched, making a pronounced impression against the slightly arched back. Their forelimbs are human-like only in range of motion, otherwise being heavily muscled, lengthy, and tipped in three long, powerful digits which each have straight dagger-like claws of four to six inches. Their chest is deep and their waist not as narrow as a canine torso, though sweeping upwards to meet their hugely muscled hind legs. Their hips are very flexible, allowing for leaps and such, and their legs are shaped much like a Velociraptor's, though heavier-muscled and more mobile, as well as a bit longer. Their hind paws are three strong toes, each ending in a curving claw, made to grip any surface. Their tail extends straight out from their rump, and is very heavy, powerful length of pure muscle, longer than their torsos and possibly twice their body length, at the most. The strong appendage is prehensile, if not very agile, and ends in a straight blade which can be up to two feet long. Both sides are razor-sharp.

These carnivores are built so that they can go on all fours, or on their hind legs easily. When on all fours, their back slopes, because their forelimbs are a bit shorter than their hind legs, and when on their hind legs, their back tends to slope the other way, raising their upper body a bit above their hip-level. They are always brightly coloured, and some of the vainer types tend to paint their hides. Speaking of hides, they have no fur or feathers, other than the hairs that make up their crest, and simply have small, smooth scales that usually shine when polished. These scales are also tougher than btsa to break or slice, which is a natural built-in armor. These nice little cretts are very fast and agile runners, and are able to swim and climb trees quite well. Also, their scales are impervious to fire, acids, electricity, any harmful material, even protecting briefly against lava! Even their crests aren't easily harmed. Their senses, also, are excellent, able to hear, smell, and see anything within miles easily. When fighting, these cretts prefer to agilely bounce about on their hind legs, slashing madly with their other weapons and generally becoming a deadly whirlwind of bright colours.

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