Species: Tuit(s)


Physical Description~ Tuits are shorter than the other races, averaging 4-5 feet in height, and very stocky and heavy. They have a thick coat of fur over a somewhat dwarven physique, and their hands are large and powerful, but not clawed; their pelts are usually a pale grey or cream color with darker markings scattered across their limbs and faces. Their feline tails are only a few feet long and tipped in a slender stinger that is poisonous; however, these tails are not very strong or fast, but they are prehensile and flexible. Tuit feet are human-like, larger than one might think, and heavily callused, as they wear no shoes. Their heads are hard to describe, slightly bear-like but very much mellowed towards the human side of things, with bull-like horns replacing ears. They are deaf and communicate solely by body language, and thus are regarded as either psychics or empaths for their acuity in reading other beings' thoughts and emotions. Many tuits know and use telepathy fluently. Tuits are very strong for their size but tend to be slow and deliberate in movement; their endurance also can't be beat, as they can work for days on end without tiring.

Temperament~ Tuits vary a lot from individual to individual, and only a few quirks unite them in a racial temperament. First of all, they don't like outsiders or being open, even among their own families; they're secretive and tend to hoard information. Due to immense physical durability, they often think themselves invincible, and because of this they can be quite arrogant, even to humans (their favorite of the other races). Because of their religions, tuits are also very sure of themselves and if asked why they did or said something, they will inform you that Shivaleh (their one god) demanded it of them; this gives them a convenient excuse and makes the entire race a bit irresponsible. However, like I said before, tuits vary immensely from person to person.

Culture~ Tuits are reclusive and secretive people, disliking too much openness with other races and greatly preferring to keep to themselves. They mostly live in small towns, though they have a few larger communities on Tsok, and don't welcome outsiders. They're a very sturdy people and can mine or farm what humans and demons think impossible places; they may be reclusive, but tuits do participate in trade, especially on Tsok. They are a patriarchal culture and fairly family-oriented. They believe in one supreme deity, unlike the humans' many gods and goddesses, that rules all and controls every single thing that happens to every creature on Cadora. This can occasionally make them seem a bit haughty, because they're so sure that everything they do is ordained by Shivaleh, their deity.

Relationship with Other Races~ Tuits are the least populous of all Cadora's creatures, which might explain their cautious view towards the other races. They do respond to human geniality with polite friendliness and communication, but they're pretty closed-off to the other races, especially lizardfolk. They prefer their own kind for company and are usually quite willing to never meet a non-tuit in all their lifetime.

Location(s)~ The tuit population is about cut in two, half living on Tsok and half living on Ironius. Though they can survive low temperatures, they do not like them and prefer a moderate climate, preferably in a middling altitude with evergreen forests.

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