Species: Trotter(s)

Name~ Trotter(s)

Home World~ Cadora

Height at the Shoulder~ 5+8 feet

Description~ Trotters greatly resemble the medium-sized carnivorous dinosaurs of Earth. Their heads are much like a that of a raptor, long-snouted with rows of sharp teeth perfect for ripping and tearing; they have almond-shaped, slit-pupiled eyes and a forked tongue. Their basic build is, like previously said, dinosaurian; they're bipeds with horizontal spines and forearms normally tucked close to their deep chest. These forearms are somewhat long, almost able to reach the ground, and their 'hands' are equipped with three long, clawed digits. Their hind legs, on the other hand, are powerfully muscled and undeniably dinosaurian, ending in heavy, three-toed, clawed talons. Their tails are long, held straight when running for balance, and otherwise quite flexible. Trotters are covered in a supple, soft-leather-y hide that's tougher and thicker than it looks.

Breeds~ Trotters are separated into breeds, each breed having its own build, color, temperament, and special characteristics. Earths can be any medium to dark shade of brown and any non-flourescent green. Brown earths are very bulky but not very tall, averaging 6.5 feet, and are very stable in mentality, tending to be loners. Their specialties are strength and endurance. Green earths are more slender and shorter, around 6 feet on average, and are much faster in running and thinking than brown earths… however, their endurance and strength are far less. Blues are the smallest, slim and averaging 5.5 feet; they have webbed talons and 'fingers', as well as gills. They swim insanely well and have surprising speed and endurance in the water, though on dry land they're the weakest and slowest of the breeds. Whites and blacks, though considered separate breeds, have the same temperament (highly intelligent, strong willed, and spirited) and the same build (the largest next to golds at 8' and well muscled). Golds belong to the last breed, metals or metallics, which consist of very large, muscular golds, shortish (6.5') and somewhat toned and lean silvers, and brass/copper/bronze Trotters of medium build and height (7'). Metals are the most fiery and difficult to train of the breeds, followed by whites and blacks, then earths, then blues. (As a comparison, you could capture a blue adult and train it within months, as opposed to a few years for blacks and whites, a year for browns, and training from hatching for metals.)

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