Invented By~ Zllivan

Home World~ Etreus

Height at the Shoulder~ 6 ft.

Species' Colors~ Any shades of Brown, Grey, White, or Black. Browns are usually shorter and more muscular. Greys are long and lean, and incredibly fast. Whites are usually very beautiful and elegant, their vision is impeccable. Blacks are between Browns and Greys in their speed and muscle. However, if they work hard to improve their skills, they can become equals in both.

Temperment~ Most Tokathe are sworn to peacefulness and dedicate their lives with their ship to research. There are a few however, that become "Distant" and battle. After one fight, the "Distant" Tokathe is ex-communicated, as is the case with Zllivan.

Species' Description~ Ranging from a full height of 6-8 feet, Tokathe are mechannically inclined bi-peds. They are mainly raptor in body, the only differences in the arms and heads. Unlike raptor arms, Tokathe have long muscular arms that end in human-like hands, with two thumbs, one on either side. Also, their heads are long and canine, with long expressive ears that help them to excel at hearing. Tokathe have a long raptor like tail, only twice the length, that ends with a foot-long curved blade. Tokathe are the most tecnologically advanced creatures on their planet, and have rescued many other species on their own planet. However, their greatest achievement is the saving of the Phia species in the invention of the PhiaShip.

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