Species: Tlaemae(s)

Name - Tlaemae(s) [pronounced 'TLAY-may(z)']

Size - 2-3 feet at the shoulder.

Physical Description - Tlaemaes are furred, rather small quadrupeds. They have a streamlined Athian head, no external ears, and almond-shaped, large eyes that are very keen (their vision sees some infrared). They're arboreal - that is, they live almost constantly in trees, and their reflexes and speed are incredible. They have hands of a sort, three fingers pointing towards the outside and one 'thumb' pointing inwards, all long enough to be jointed several times and flexible, each tipped with a sharp, curving, unretractable claw. Their forelimbs are flexible, as are their hind legs, which end in three outer toes and two inner. Their prehensile tail is half again their body's length and tipped in a 'claw'. Their torso is more canine than anything, with a curved chest and comparably narrow waist, though their spine is such that it's almost impossible to break and very flexible. Their senses are excellent, especially hearing, as this allows them to detect creatures moving below their trees easier than sight. They can also move with complete silence if they wish, though it can be painstaking. Lastly, on their elbows and 'knees' (this referring to the joint just above the ankle, which bends the opposite way human knees do) they have digits, and the elbow-/knee-joint itself is padded slightly with muscle, almost like the palm of a hand. Each mini-'hand' has one short, clawed finger pointing inwards, and two outwards. They are used when laying, hanging, or climbing in trees, as they're quite powerful and the claws are sharp enough to impale anything they feel like hanging onto.

Coloration - Nearly always mediocre shades of brown. Yellow or green eyes, almost always black claws. Younger Tlaemaes tend to be lighter.

Temperament - Insanely energetic, Tlaemaes are usually pretty social when they don't view you as a threat, and they can be great friends if you catch them on the right day. However, they are so territorial that, if someone intrudes their territory, they fling their muscular little bodies into a terrifyingly vicious melee. They tend to lose what cool they have in fights, and most will continue to fight until they cannot, or until the intruders are driven out of their home. However, when not in battle, they're mostly playful and curious and usually don't bother cretts that don't bother them.

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