Species: Tiquin(s)

Tiquin (Catfolk)

Physical Description~ Tiquins have a very humanoid shape with some slight altercations, most noticeable but not so different to make them not-humanoid, if you get my meaning. To start out, their builds vary as much as humans' do; there are tall tiquins, short tiquins, thin and fat tiquins, muscular and skinny tiquins, etc. Though they possess a full head of human-style hair, tiquins have rather cattish faces, almost like a furry (anthropomorph): a slight muzzle replaces nose and mouth, fangs replace canines, and rounded feline ears replace humanoid ears. They have whiskers and are coated in a very thin, soft layer of fur that does nothing in the way of insulation or protection. Their torsos are pretty much exactly like that of a human, but when you get into limbs, it differs. They have hands just like humans do, only replacing the fingernail is a sharp, curving, retractable claw on each finger; when retracted fully, only the barest tip shows. Their fingerpads are a bit tougher and more defined than a human's, as well. Their legs are a good deal different from humans legs, but only at first sight. They walk digitigrade -that is, with their 'heel' in the air, on the balls of their feet- and replacing humanoid feet are four-toed paws with unretractable claws. Depending on how much the tiquin in question runs, these claws may be blunt or quite sharp. Tiquins also have prehensile, surprisingly strong tails that can vary slightly in thickness and length and can also have a tuft of longer fur at the tip. Just like humans, tiquin height varies from a little under five feet to six and a half feet, though some individuals can be shorter or taller than this average range. Tiquins can be one solid color or a veritable rainbow of shades with any marking or any combination of markings scattered across their bodies. Eyes are the same color as their spirit (which has no correspondance to personality, by the way), which tend towards greens, blues, browns, or metallic colors like gold, silver, etc. Hair can be any color or any combination of colors, but the only marking possible is stripes; most often, hair is only one or two colors and is rarely has a full spectrum of color. Their claws are usually translucent or a pale cream or grey hue, but can be black, white, or silver.

Morphing~ Let me first say that tiquin morphing power is not as spectacular as it might sound; they cannot morph into quadrupeds or even bipeds with horizontal spines (like Trotters). Tiquins can only morph into bipeds that have a similar size (within a few feet of height) and number of appendages. They can morph into tailless beings like humans, but not into something that has wings, or four arms, etc. Gotta have a head, two arms, two legs, and walk upright. This morphing process is painless and takes about two seconds for an adult or experienced tiquin, though it can take up to thirty seconds for a child who is just learning. Forms can be held indefinitely, but it does require a little spirit to hold the form and thus some have figured out how to find a morphed tiquin by detecting the radiation of energy from their bodies; this method, however, is not very precise and can only give a general area where the tiquin might be. A tiquin can morph into any creature (with the same basic shape) that it can visualize; morphing is basically a very advanced type of mimicry. Oh, and one more little note. Spirit is not spirit or soul as humans think of it; spirit is energy, or spirit-energy as demons call it. Tiquins are quite adept at using their spirit and some are quite strong, usually the warriors. Spirit can be any color but always matches the tiquin's eyes, and how it's used is up to the individual in question.

Temperament~ Varied. Culturally they much resemble humans; they have scientists, merchants, warriors, teachers, cities, farms, etc. Mentally most are very much pacifists, more interested in controlling their spirit to achieve mundane goals (like moving big rocks with little effort ^^;;) rather than blasting an enemy to smithereens. However, some have the noble, must-increase-strength, righteous anger, protective mindset that lends itself to warriorship; those individuals also tend to be stronger, faster, and more agile than their fellows. Overall tiquins are intelligent, caring, compassionate, and more sensitive than humans; they also lack a short temper, violent tendencies, and the idea of ownership. (What do you mean you own that apple? How can you own food if it's just going to get eaten? O,o;;) Tiquins are also very social and get pretty depressed/volatile if forced into solitude for long periods of time.

Culture~ Tiquins value family immensely and will kinda go nuts if someone threatens a child, be it theirs or not even of their species. They live for about two hundred years, only seeming to age (become senile and decrepit) within the last twenty or twenty-five years of their life; children age like human children, within the same timespan and at the same rate. Other than that, tiquins much resemble humans in culture and various lifestyles.

Relationship with Other Races~ Tiquins are pretty amiable towards other races. Due to their morphing ability, they have a close relationship with merfolk, but they honestly like all races. Sometimes humans annoy them, and sometimes lizardfolk baffle them, but overall tiquins are the most culturally accommodating of the races.

Location(s)~ Tiquins live on the continent of Tsok, like every land-dwelling race does, and they also exist in substantial numbers on the continent of Ironius. They have never been to Erodak nor Khetten. There's a handful of tiquins on Kudanu and Kaos, but not very many at all.

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