Invented By~ Rittle

Height at the Shoulder~ Anywhere from 2 to 3 1/2 ft.

Species' Colors~ Generally either white or black as a main color, then rosettes, stripes, streaks, spots, and/of patches of any other color. Looks like someone took a blank sheet of paper and spilt paint all over it.

Temperment~ Well, it really does depend. The species hasn't been around for long though, so they normally have a happy, optimistic outlook on things. They have a hidden strength inside though, that takes a crisis to bring out. (Such as will, stratgy, no magix.) They also have a never-ending supply of energy. Literally. They don't need to sleep.

Species' Description~ Well, they have short, soft fur. Their heads are a cross between canine and feline, with a medium-long muzzle and cattishly sharp teeth. They have many whiskers and bright, slanted eyes. They have wolf-like ears, which are thin and flexible. (Wow that sounds odd.) Their bodies are mostly feline, kinda like a panther's, I guess, and about that size. (Panthers are smaller than most peoples think, you know.) They have strong hindlegs for pouncing things. Their forepaws are like hands with slim little claws, while their hindpaws are broad and tough with canine claws, blunt and dull. Their tail is long and slim, not quite catlike tho. They have a ton of energy, like I mentioned above, and don't need to sleep. They like to pounce, but are omnivorous.

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