Invented By~ Sushi

Height at the Shoulder~ About eight feet.

Species' Colors~ Any earthen tones or shades of grey.

Temperament~ They're normally very down-to-earth and not very technical. Other than that, it depends.

Species' Description~ Okay, they're bipeds. Take the hind legs offa cheetah, and lengthen them, and set them right there upright. Add a strong, cheetah torso to that, tilted up at a 55° angle or so. Add very muscular yet lean raptor-like arms with long-fingered, blunt-clawed, strong hands. Add a long feline tail which is very agile and used for balancing. And finally, add a cheetah-like head, with a slightly longer muzzle and sharper teeth. Excellent senses and balance. They can run exceedingly fast and jump high, as well as their reflexes being sonic-speed.

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