Theau ((tho))

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana and Talritai

Height at the Shoulder~ 5-6 ft

Species' Colors~ They have earth tones, dark stripes on a lighter undercoat, with a striped mane as well, and grey or gold eyes.

Temperment~ Really varies. Tend to have an unusually strong bond with the quyz-tai - the trees. ((kwhyz-tay))

Species' Description~ These quadrupeds are long-limbed and graceful, excellent runners with fair endurance. They have an Athian (vaguely raptorish) head with permanently flattened, long ears. Their broad paws are long-toed and tipped in heavy, sharp claws. They have an eel-like tail which is a little longer than their torso, and neither prehensile nor too flexible. They have fairly good senses, considering, and are omnivores. The one strange quality of theirs is the ability to breathe, as they call it, 'cold breath.' It's basically a freezing cold mist which numbs and staggers anything it touches - they alternately use it for escape from dangerous encounters, or to numb intense pain on their own flesh. They live in VERY dense forests (as in, barely two feet between each huge tree) and thus are not long-distance cretts, on Lavana. On Talritai, they've developed to enjoy sparser forests, though never the plains where there are no trees. They have Koratian teeth - shark like, with molars in the back of the jaw.Their claws are retractable, as well, and some can speak to the quyz-tai and therefore learn more about what dangers might befell them.

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