Tetaque (teh-TAK)

Home World~ Lavana and Talritai

Height at the Shoulder~ 7 ft, but at the hip they're only 5 ft.

Species' Colors~ Very dark colours, usually black with silver-tipped fur, or grey-tipped. Occasionally dark brown.

Temperment~ Indescribably related to Binaves, these cretts have a lot of mind power (referred to as ngran-kre ((in-GRAHN-kray)) on Lavana) and tend to be slower and impressive. They have no aversion to fighting, but several become pacifists during their long life because of the damage they've seen inflicted, usually by their own powerful selves.

Species' Description~ Deeply slanted, these hexapeds (six legs) have their burly shoulders a good two feet above their hips. They have course, longish fur, which is always dark and usually tipped in a lighter colour. Their head seems to be a cross between ape and raptor, which I'll let you imagine yourself - they do have nasty fangs which jut out. Their body is somewhat like a very large gorilla, actually, with a bob-tail only. Their forehands are, well, gorilla-hands with small, sharp claws. Like apes, they walk on their knuckles, and have hugely muscled arms. Around their neck is a ruff of longer fur, not long enough to be called a mane. They have arms, mid-legs, and then hind legs. Their mid-legs, protruding out of their flanks, don't reach the ground until halfway through life, but they're fully functional and end in strong clawed talons. Their hind legs are shorter and squat, much like a gorilla (again), and end in broad, dull-clawed hands. Their entire body is very muscular and crushingly strong. They fight extremely well, but aren't fast at all, managing a lope of 10 mph at the best.

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