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Worldname: A Summary

[insert one to three paragraphs of generalization and geography here; image/map if available; mention solar system]

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Intelligent Species

[insert blurbs here; one paragraph of summary, followed by the link below:]

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Culture & Economy

[this is probably just a couple paragraphs of summary; this section can be blended into the above summary and the below tech section]

Technology & Magic/Energy

[insert blurb about tech here, touching on all levels currently in use]

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[if applicable, insert blurb about magic/energy-use here; 'read more' link can be used where necessary]

Languages Commonly Used

[insert blurb about languages here; 'read more' link is optional: use only if translators/wordlist available]

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World's History, Summarized

[insert a few paragraphs here, including pertinent creation myths or factual origins, as well as any major events, and a summary of the current state; 'read more' link is optional]

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[insert blurbs here on the truly important ones; 'read more' link is optional; bullet list is recommended where possible]

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Partial Beast List

  • name - one-line description


[insert blurb here; catch-all 'read more' link is optional; otherwise, use bullet list as above]

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Denizens of World


  • Name, gender, short descrip


  • Name, gender species, short descrip
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