Invented By~ TFD

Home World~ Anyana

Height at the Shoulder~ really depends. Wide range of sizes. 4-10 feet is usual.

Species' Colors~ white & black, orange & black, grey & black, or just plain black. Base color really can be any shade of grey inbetween white and black. But stripes, forelegs & shoulders, tail, horns, and ears are always black. They all (except for the plain black Taigrens) have stripes— not like anything on Earth, mind you, but just the occasional band of tapered black, reaching from one side of their back, hind leg, or muzzle to the other side. The stripes are spaced well apart, none of them running together. There are no stripes on their undersides. Their eyes are ringed about with a band of black.

Temperment~ You can tell by the length of their horns. The longer they are, the less likeable and more ferocious they get. And the shorter, the more they get along and more timid, you get the picture. When one horn is longer than the other or is slightly curled, twisted, etc., you never can tell.

Species' Description~ Yeesh, this is always hard with complicated cretts. Basic body shape is that of a slim tiger, with legs a tad longer and slimmer. Head is very tigerish, with many sharp fangs and few molars. Two cylindrical railroad spike-like fangs are set on the very end of their bottom jaw, and these can be moved at will so they point forwards or backwards or anything inbetween, as well as being able to retract them into their bottom jaw like a claw. Two long horns grow out from the back of their skull, slightly curved backwards but still held well away from their neck. Their ears are large and deer-like, set just below their horns. Needless to say they have very good hearing. Their neck is long and attached to the bottom of their skull to allow ramming. Its spine is straight to absorb maximum impact. Their front legs & shoulders are black and quite muscled. From the top of their shoulders is a large 'spike' which points slightly backwards and generally is smaller than their horns. On their elbows are smaller ones that are considerably shorter and less-noticeable. On their hind legs as well are two spikes the same length as their elbow ones, and these are on their hocks. On their shoulder-spikes are two invisible wings, allowing flight as these cretts are not altogether fast runners. Tucked neatly against their bodies when not in use, they are hardly noticed unless they are hit with a gust of wind when a Taigren takes off. Their tail is long and very flexible, their carriage is different from Taigren to Taigren. For example, one Taigren will carry their tail low to the ground, and another will carry it curled over their backs. On the tip of their tail are two large pincers, curved like a brahma bull's horns. These are razor-sharp on the outside curve and toothed on the inside curve, allowing for better gripping.

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