Species: Tahg(gi)

Tahg, or Tahg-demon, and Claw, or Claw-demon
Home World~ Lavana, unfortunately
Height at the Shoulder~ 5-6 ft, Captains are 6-7.5 ft
Species' Colors~ Black.
Temperment~ Does EVIL BEYOND ALL BELIEF say it well enough? But they're rather intelligent, far smarter than orcs (LotR! woo!) and pretty much never give up.
Species' Description~ Err…. bipeds. They're vaguely shaped like gorillas, or huge goblins/orcs, with gigantic thick arms, shorter yet powerful hind legs. Their heads are just ugly. Humanoid, I guess, with fangs and all and pointed ears. (Your typical demon, really.) Tahgs and Claws are breeds of the same species. Tahgs are definitely more gorilla-like and use weapons, such as swords or, more commonly, huge axes and maces. Claws are much nastier and more savage, with foot-long claws tipping their sausage-thick fingers and huge fangs protruding from their jaws. Captains are gigantic and smarter than the norm.

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