Suvuu ((full name- Suvk Uuerahr))

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Spirit

Height at the Shoulder~ 7-10 ft.

Species' Colors~ Blues, greens, whites, greys.

Temperment~ Playful and curious, but excellent hunters and very tough. It takes a lot to get them down, and they never give up.

Species' Description~ Quadrupeds. Long, raptor-horse heads. Internal ears and nostrils. Nasty fangs, croc-like. Big eyes, two eyelids, one normal and one thick and transparent for when in water. Long powerful necks. Strong, supple torsos. Long, limber legs. Heavy paw-talons, long claws, webbed. Long sinuous tail, acts as a rudder in water. Thick fur, waterproof, two-layered for warmth. Live in cold regions and swim often in the water. Excellent swimmers and runners. Strong cretts. Carnivores. Can live off ice and snow for weeks if needed. Good healing system. Can't handle too much warmth. Eyes see more infrared than humans do. Two sets of ears- one for high-pitched air sounds and those close when underwater, the second for low-frequency underwater vibrations, always open. Sense of smell not too good. Pawpads rough for good traction on ice and wide for easy moving through deep snow.

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