Sub Trahe


Invented By~ Sitae

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 3-4 ft.

Species' Colors~ Always shades of grey, occasionally with golden or dark brown markings. Eye colour can vary.

Temperment~ They tend to be easy-going and friendly enough. They give their respect freely, it's up to you if you manage to keep their opinion of you good. In battle, they have more of an it's-a-game attitude than anger, which makes them very hard to beat at times.

Species' Description~ Guess… no really, guess. Quadruped! Yes! *gives you a cookie* Anyways. Sub-Trahes are, as the name says, a sub-species of the Trahe, despite the huge difference in size. They have short, coarse fur, a raptorish head, big jaws and teeth which point towards their throat for maximum damage. Their tongue is snake-like. They have a shortish neck, though muscular, powerful shoulders, a shallow chest and thick waist, and agile hips. Their tail is thin and fast, wiry, and tipped in a small 'claw'-like blade that cannot be retracted. Their limbs are short, compared to their long body, and are powerful, ending in talon-paws of nasty, unretractable claws that can reach 4 inches in length. Unlike most Lavanians, they have a rib cage (as opposed to rib slats or a rib wall). This is due to the third, small, lung, which contains an acid. When needed, they can 'cough' up this acid and spit it, which ignites into a green flame after approximately 5 seconds. (This is to avoid lighting their throat on fire, seeing as they breathe it out, so simple contacting oxygen wouldn't work… neh?) This green flame is bright and will burn for a good while, especially on flesh, and those under fire find themselves hard to put out. S'Trahes are also fast in battle, decently fast runners (up to 50 mph or so), and swim very well (like a croc, almost).

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