Sub Nila


Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 4 to 6 ft.

Species' Colors~ Dark brown, dark grey, dark reddish, or black. Eyes either gold, orange, or red.

Temperment~ Vicious. Unrelenting killers. Incredibly intelligent, but not exactly what I'd call sentient. They enjoy torturing prey and pick victims randomly.

Species' Description~ This is the only sub-species of Nila known. We're not quite sure how they're related to the calmer bipeds, but they indisputably are. Thick, rough, course and often shaggy fur coats the whole of the twisted bipedal form, concealing rippling, bulging muscles underneath the unkempt hide. Their eyes, glaring pinpoints of malice, see very well, more so in the night or shadows. Their sense of smell is tuned towards fear, pain, grief, and most of all, blood. Other than that, it's mediocre by Lavanian standards. Their hearing is excellent as well, also tuned towards higher pitches, which seems to be how they can pinpoint small, injured creatures instantly. Their heads, for lack of a better description, are crosses between werewolf and raptor, wickedly sharp teeth embedded into snarling muzzles. Their jaws are very strong, stronger than any other biped, even Olashi. Their spines are tilted at a 45 degree angle, burly shoulders hunched and long, powerful forearms ending in five nastily-clawed fingers - one finger acts as a thumb, the rest are very long (compared to human hands) and remarkably mobile. Their torsos are strong and flexible, seeing as Sub-Nila often go into the trees to ambush their prey, and they have rib-slats. Their forelegs are rather wolf-anthro shaped, but far more muscular and limber, ending in long-toed canine paws with heavy black claws. Their tails are almost raptor-ish and thick, not doing more than aiding balance. All in all, these nasty pack-hunters are very intelligent, but not considered sentient (self-aware, look it up) by most Lavanians for their cruel hunting methods and wicked habits.

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