Sub Korat


Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 4 ft. on average

Species' Colors~ Shades of brown, most common being reddish brown (like a red Korat) and dark chocolate brown, rarely a light brown. Eyes are usually gold, but can be silver, blue, green, or brown.

Temperment~ Really does depend on the individual. Tend to be mischievous and cunning, though some are also very outgoing.

Species' Description~ These are the sub-species of Korat (duh). Quadrupeds, they're shaped like a tan Korat, more than anything. Lanky, slender, and graceful, their necks are much shorter than a Korat's, and thus are held in a normal arc, instead of tightly compressed. Their muzzle is still canine and their teeth are still Koratian, but they have rib slats (widened, thickened ribs) instead of the Koratian rib wall. One of the most prominent differences between S'Korats and Korats is the tail - both genders have a long, fast, bladed tail. The other main difference is the 'paws' - instead of having two fingers on their forehands, they simply have the identical raptor-foot as on their hind legs. However, their hind 'paws' have the scythe-claw on the inner toe, and the forepaws have it as the middle toe. This species and Sub-Trahes are mortal enemies, and will attack on sight, though Trahes and Sub-Korats have no problems interacting, nor do Korats and Sub-Trahes. Some Korats take a holier-than-thou attitude towards S'Korats, some don't.

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