Invented By~ Sushi

Height at the Shoulder~ 7 ft high, 16 long

Species' Colors~ Light and dark green fur, with brown streaks and yellowish patches on the back. The yellow can fade in the dark.

Temperment~ Very intelligent, and their mood can switch easily. It really depends on the individual.

Species' Description~ They're quadrupeds, tall, and very good swimmers. In fact, they can live in the water as well as on the land. They're quite dangerous in a fight. They're extremely fast, reaching up to 200 mph on land and 100 mph underwater. They live in packs, generally, and hunt, although they're omnivores. They have a tiger-like head, a long body, and a long, almost reptilian tail. Their fore arms are long and muscular, but slim, and they have talons on their fore arms. Their hind legs are long, coiled, and have rabbit-like/human-like feet with long toes tipped with sharp claws. The hind claws are poisonous. Their paws and talons are webbed. Their tail is as long as them and very agile, though not prehensile. Their fur is downy underneath a coat of waterproof fur, which is course. They are very impressive creatures, and come from Lavana.

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