Species: Snow Cat(s)

Name - Snow Cat(s)

Original - Like its sister-species Original, the SC Original is unknown, but thought to be female and also dead.

Temperament - Almost identical to Night Cats. Snow Cats are laid-back and good-natured, willing to lend a helping paw or vengeful fangs to whomever needs their help. Very intelligent and loyal to blood-kin and their own race, these Cats aren't much for unnecessary violence, but they rarely hesitate to battle if they believe in the cause. Snow Cats are very in-tune with nature and Lavana as a living entity and, like their sister-species, love the little things most of all.

Culture - Even moreso than Night Cats, Snow Cats are very social and almost always live in family groups or large packs (consisting of several families). Though they rarely establish firm boundaries to their territory, they do love their lands; however, many Snow Cat packs are migratory because of abundance or lack of prey, as SCs are carnivorous. Much like Night Cats, Snow Cats live more than one hundred years, grown in two years; two 'Cats will mate for life and have two to four kittens/cubs per litter. Back in the days of the Dark Wars, SCs would have a small pouch that hung from their neck; in it was contained a small, ivory-looking knife. This knife would heal any cut that it touched, as Snow Cat healing systems weren't as good as those of their fellow Lavanians; however, nowadays these knives are nearly nonexistant, as few if any Nila artisans remember how to make them, let alone want to do so.

Habitat - Cold places. Snow Cats are uncomfortable in really warm climates, though they can handle anything under 70º F easily. They don't mind living in places where there are four seasons, as long as summer isn't too hot, but really prefer cool areas where snow falls year-round. However, they can't take extremely low temperatures and tend to stay away from barren arctic tundra, as much for the climate as the lack of prey.

Height at Shoulder - 2.5-4 feet

Physical Description - Slightly larger and stockier than their sister-species, Snow Cats are long-legged and deep-chested with thick but still short fur that ruffs around their necks. Muscular and enduring but still just as fast as any Night Cat, Snow Cats have feline forepaws with slightly elongated digits (and the usual curving, retractable claws) that can act as 'hands' when necessary, though their hindpaws are simply that — paws. Their tails, unlike those of Night Cats, are normal length for their body size and thick, somewhat like a cougar's; Snow Cats also have rather long fangs in order to pierce their prey's thick arctic pelt.

Coloration - Snow Cats have a universal base color of white shades : snow-white, pearl, off-white, pale cream, blue-white. While many 'Cats are a solid color, others have seemingly random crescent-shaped markings of pale orange, pastel blue, or sea green. Eyes tend to be golden, but can also be blue, green, or shades of brown' claws tend to be pale silver/grey, white, or translucent.

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