Species: Sky Cat(s)

Name - Sky Tiger(s)

Original - Pyrelin, a large female. She's thought to still be alive, but she hasn't been sighted in recent centuries — or if she has, no one's talking much about it.

Temperament - Sky Tigers have a mostly-undeserved reputation for hostility and a blood-thirsty nature. However, in truth most are noble, proud, admittedly aloof beasts that would no sooner start a fight than any other creature. Sky Tigers aren't the most social, friendly creatures around, but some have been known to be amiable Center residents. Most are excellent warriors with a fierce love of battle. However, as always, personalities vary from individual to individual.

Culture - Sky Tigers aren't social and tend to be loners. While most don't mate for life, only staying together long enough to raise their cubs for the five-six years necessary until the little ones are adults, some Sky Tigers remain together for life. While they tend to be stand-offish towards other Lavanians, most Sky Tigers like to at least converse with others of the Original Nine.

Habitat - Just about anywhere. Sky Tigers don't like extremes in temperature, but with their long, thick fur, they can handle extreme cold better than extreme heat. Many, indeed, love the arctic areas where snow is common, if not constant, and others like evergreen-forested mountains. As long as they have room to run and fly, they tend to be content (as well as territorial).

Height at Shoulder - 8-12 feet

Wingspan - 24-36 feet

Physical Description - Much like the Original species before them, Sky Tigers are very large felines. However, these toned, streamlined beasts have hollow but very tough bones, making their bodymass considerably less so that the massive avian wings stretching from just behind their shoulders can lift them into the air. Sky Tigers aren't very fast or agile fliers due to their size, but they can fly for long periods of time and can navigate violent weather more easily than a smaller flier. Their fur is very long and shaggy, and they have saberfangs that reach just past their chin.

Coloration - Sky Tigers are something of chameleons; they can change their color at will, and they usually use it consciously to reflect their moods. Their original color is a shade of medium to light blue, usually with white or pale blue wings. When in battle, most prefer a bizarre scheme of black and red. Their eyes cannot change color and are usually gold.

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