Name - Sirlivi [surl-IHV-ee]

Home World and Habitat - Lavana; jungles, forests, mountain sides… they don't like flat, open spaces too well.

Height at Shoulder - Uh… standing like they normally do, with their legs partially bent, probably 5.5 to 6 feet…. with their legs straight, maybe 7 to 8 feet.

Coloration - Earth colors, tending towards browns and greys. They're usually just one color without markings, though sometimes their undersides will be lighter.

Temperament - Highly intelligent and inclined towards technology more than a rural lifestyle. They do have their pride and several are a bit arrogant, but not overly so (mostly). They're incredibly swift in their thinking and thus can be confusing to one who's not accustomed to that. They're also remarkably moody, stubborn, and tough to adversities. For a species without wings, they love to fly. They also love to learn, explore, and just simply live.

Description - Well, they're upright bipeds. Their heads have sleek, bear-like muzzles with no whiskers, canine teeth with exceptionally sharp fangs and incisors, and prominent eyebrow-ridges which are cartilage and thus flexible. They have thin, pointed ears which follow the line of their forehead and slant backwards and aren't moved often. They have slender, arched necks with center-throats. Their torsos are somewhat canine, I suppose, with a deep-for-a-biped chest and narrow, flexible waist. Their arms are long, humanoid, and lean-muscled, ending in three fingers and one long thumb. They have retractable claws tipping their fingers, as well as stationary claws on the top of each finger-joint and knuckle. Their thumbs can excrete a reddish fluid which, on mental command, ignites into flames. Their hind legs are odd, vaguely akin to a human standing on the balls of the feet. Their thighs and calves are long and leanly muscled, with a spur on their 'heel' (upraised in the air, mind you) and their paws' palms triangular, with the point pointing backwards. Their hind paws have three long toes with unretractable, sharp claws. They have a prehensile, slender tail longer than themselves, which branches into four slim ends a foot from the tip. They stand upright, with their spine barely slanted forward, and they stand with their legs somewhat bent, as that supports their lean weight easier. They're exceedingly fast and excellent jumpers. They have fur, with two 'kinds'. There's the short, glossy, silky, sleek fur, and then the more ragged-looking fur which is longest as a mane and down the back and outsides of the limbs and partially down the tail, which shortens and fluffs as it goes towards the underbelly and the insides of their limbs, though the tail is sleekly-furred, as are the hands and paws and face. They are totally immune to all kinds of energy and electricity, have excellent healing systems, and are also partially fire-proof. They have reasonably good eyesight, though it's spectacular as a microscope, excellent hearing and smell, and vague sense of touch. Strangely enough, they have a very picky sense of taste, despite their digestive system being able to handle anything from bark to fruit to grain to fresh meat to fish. Each to their own.

Technology - They've begun to modify what the Olashi taught/gave them and make it their own.

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