Critter: Siilo(s)

Home World~ Lavana
Height at the Shoulder~ 3-4 ft.
Species' Colors~ Greens, blues, purples, greys, yellows.
Temperment~ Nonsentient, but intelligent nonetheless and omnivores, hunting small game or eating berries.
Species' Description~ Shaped rather like Gallimimus or another similar bird-dinosaur, these lightly built, agile bipeds are cousins of the Giwl. With narrow heads, long necks, mobile and slender forearms and muscular, powerful hind legs, they're superb runners. Their tails are long for balancing, and reasonably muscular, considering the slim build of the Siilo. Their yellow eyes are huge, giving them excellent night and day vision. Their teeth are many, small, narrow, and sharp, enabling them to catch their favorite food -fish- and pluck berries off branches.

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