Name - Shelk
Size - six feet at the shoulder
Type - mammalian insectoid
Coloration - dusty colors to blend in with the rocky expanses at the poles
Temperament - crafty and cunning; solitary predators; cannabalistic; defensive more than offensive when threatened by a strong creature
Description - Thin and lanky beasts, Shelks are covered in bristly fur. They have six many-jointed legs, but their body is held above their legs (unlike an insect, whose joints rise above its thorax). Tipping each leg are sharp, stiff talons; their frontmost pair of legs is more mobile, with wickedly clawed 'hands'. Their bodies are thin and bony, their spine protected by a 'strip' of exoskeleton. They have no tail. Their necks are long and sinuous, ending in lengthy dinosaurian snouts with small, needle-like teeth. Shelks rely on eyesight and ecolocation to find food, as they're deaf and their sense of smell is dull.

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