Species: Shaltyra

Pronunciation~ Shahl-TEE-ruh; shahl-TY-ruh; shall-TY-rah; shell-TEE-ruh

Height at Shoulder~ 4 to 7 feet

Weight~ 200 to 1000 lbs.

Length Without Tail~ 6 to 9 feet

Length With Tail~ 12 to 23 feet

Temperment~ Engineered by a foolish Jhee looking do outdo another, Shaltyras are combinations of three of the most deadly creatures known: Tyvar, Lavanian Raptor, and Shrarr. All three are vicious and powerful, with the last two mentally unstable. Thus, Shaltyras are, quite simply, insane. They can be rational at times, and they are very intelligent, but they rarely use logic.

Colours~ Brilliant and vivid hues, very rarely one solid colour. Most often their fur is ticked — meaning the last inch or so of the fur is a different colour than the rest of the hair. Note — the ticking/ticked colour is the colour which tips the fur, while the base colour is, well, the base colour. When their fur is ticked, the base colour is either black, white, deep blue, or deep crimson, or very rarely a dark, vibrant metallic colour. The ticking colour is always bright and colourful, often many different shades, though there is only one base colour. When not ticked, Shaltyras tend to be a swirl of dazzling colours. Their eyes, pupil-less, can be any colour.

Description~ Raptor-like bipeds. The first thing you notice is their fur. Hugely shaggy and either kinked or wavy, it's at least five-six inches long, but on the backs of their limbs, their stomachs, chests, sometimes as a mane, it can reach over to two feet in length. The length isn't smooth, either, it appears erratically layered. This fur is wiry but not course, and is inflammable and nearly impossible to slice. The fur is 'intelligent', to an extent. When attacked, the fur tangles around blades, claws, or teeth — the best way to injure a Shaltyra is to stab them at a right angle to their hide. The fur not only tangles, it weaves and plaits so that often enough, the opponent can't pull away. Also because of this, the fur never needs brushed, as it untangles itself. Their fur is also a horrid conductor, so electricity or energy must contact actual skin to have much effect at all. Their hide, underneath the fur, is hard yet flexible, made up of small, diamondine, octagonal 'scales' which are nearly impossible to slice. It takes a lot for something to rip a Shaltyra open, and their powerful muscles and quick-flowing blood even protect against bruising and breaking bones.

Their jaws, longer than what might seem right on a normal raptor, are powerful and they have two immensely sharp saberfangs on both upper and lower jaw, with the lower-jaw fangs being a good deal longer than the upper. A stiff crest runs from their nostrils to the back of their skull. Their eyes are protected by a short, sharp-on-the-tip-only horn. Translucent and hollow, these horns obscure their vision - or so you would think. In fact, by subconsciously altering the chemicals flowing through the horns, they can change their range of vision from infrared, to 'normal' spectrum, up to ultraviolet light at will. Their neck is long, sinuous, and muscular, not thick and not scrawny. Their chest is deep and their organs and spine protected and plated, respectively, with bands of cartilage making it nearly impossible to disembowel them. They have center-throats, as well. Their forearms are raptor-like, but far more heavily muscled and powerful, with the same three fingers tipped in ginsu-knife claws of several inches. The middle finger, longer than the others, has a long, straight claw, with the outside two have long, but curved claws. Their powerful hind legs are bulging with liquid-steel muscles. Their hindfeet are five-toed, one simply a clawed spur extended from the heel. The outer toes are long, powerful, and clawed, but the inner pair are upright and scythe-clawed, as a L'Raptor's middle toe is. Their tail is long, sinuous, prehensile, and pure muscle, ending in two sharp-on-both-edges blades which form a V on the tailtip.

Shaltyra senses are excellent, though nothing to take a second look at. They can see very far, their sense of smell is dazzling, and their hearing is about as good as a Korat's. Their healing system is also very good, able to mend broken bones, wounded organs, and open wounds, though the latter is very rare. They can run up to 150 mph for a moment or two, and can go for hours at 120 mph or less. They are pure carnivores and cannot stand anything but meat, not counting hair, hooves, bones, horns, etc. Lightning fast, they throw themselves into battle willingly, almost preferring death to the sort of life most lead. However, due to their awesome design, they rarely lose.

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