Invented By~ Kain

HM: Magaol

Height: About 7 feet long..

Colors: Dark, dark shades of blue, black, green, gray, and purple. Rarely the latter. The albino Shakioui are exiled and die very quickly because they can be spotted from afar, giving themselves away when hunting. Their eyes are also dark, but always different from the body color. The blades are black and jagged.

Personality: Mean. They are mostly cold and harsh, but curious, too, which often ends them up in danger of Magaol's more native cretts

Appearance: Well, very sharklike in nature and looks. They have a long snout, filled with a more proufound mouth of row upon row of black, jagged teeth, like their blades. The Shakioui have a rubbery skin, covered in scales that they shed when they grow too small. Each of these cretts have a dorsal fin and two lower fins, each of them covered in long, curved and jaggd black blades. They live in the bottom of the sea, so you rarely see them before they attack. They are Water elemental, the Shark Earth Base.

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