Shai - An Overview

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Shai: A Summary

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Intelligent Species

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Culture & Economy

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Magic & Technology

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Languages Commonly Used

There are a handful of well-known languages on Shai. Humans on Cadora speak a derivative of the original tongue, which is still spoken on Aetre and usually just called Common. (Other races are more prone to referring to it as manspeech or something similar.) Devilkin on Cadora speak nix, which many of their human neighbors learn. Kat'ni speak their own tongue, which is called rusi but more often referred to as just kat'ni. The rest of the races have their own languages, but the aforementioned three are by far the most widely-spoken. Feymen speak Ironian, appropriately named after their island home. Lizardfolk speak brackish, tiquins speak murra, and kerils speak kerilian.

Shai's History, Summarized

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Partial Beast List

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Denizens of World

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