Serpentinar, also known as the "Sand Snakes" (suhr-PENT-in-ahr)

Invented By~ Kain

HM: Magaol

Height at Shoulder: Err, about 4 feet at the neck, 6 feet at mid-body, 50 feet long.

Colors: Mostly shades of tan, brown, peach, white, gold, and bronze, always a mixture of at least five of those in any hue. Their wings are the same color, but their blades are always a metallic gold or bronze. Serpentinar eyes are always some form of green, whether dark, stormy green or pale sea green, soemtimes even a vivid lime green. The darker the eye, the darker the attitude.

Personality: Not as mean as the Aionniyal, the Serpentinal are just sly and cunning. They trick their prey as often as hunt it, and enjoy the screams of pain when they catch it. Unlike Terran snakes, they chomp off segments of their prey and swallow them whole.

Appearance: MASSIVE snakes, pretty much, with a full set of teeth. Their hors are like pitchforks, shaped that way, but curved and much thicker and sharper, and set on the top of the Serpentinar's head. Two sets of blades run down the two sides of its body, and a club rests on the end of its tail, a hunk of sun-silvered or golded bone. Strange enough, it also has two miniscule wings, in which it spreads when hunting. They are sturdy, and used for tripping if the beast is teasing its prey. It is the Snake Earth Base, and is Wind elemental.

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