Species: Semyma

Pronunciation— seh-MY-mah

Singular— Semyma
Plural— Semymas


Height at Shoulder— 2 to 7 ft.
Length (without tail)— 4 to 14 ft.
Length (with tail)— 4 to 20 ft.
Weight— 200 to 2,000 lbs.


Colours— Any earth tones at all (grey, brown, black, white, ruddy, blonde, etc.) with any sort of marking (spots, rosettes, stripes, shading, patches, etc.) Their eyes can be any colour of the rainbow, though green, blue, brown, and gold seem to be the usual. Unlike Reykahrs, maned or calico Semymas aren't special just because the colour.

Temperment— It varies hugely, as with Reykahrs, and I won't attempt to generalize. These beings are more diverse than even humans.

Physical Shape— Semymas are definably canine/lupine, though this seems to be the only unifying attribute. Their size ranges from wolf-sized, the smallest, to a gigantic 7 feet high and weighing a ton. They are, of course, quadrupeds, possessing a canine or lupine head, a deep chest and narrow waist, and four legs ending in paws. Due to the Changing process, their looks, fur, and exact physical abilities are usually unique to each individual. Referring to Earth canines and lupines, they can resemble the body shape of any of those, be they big or small, but most Semymas' shapes can't be described as "doberman-like" or "wolf-like".

Changing— Change occurs when a pup reaches it's halfgrown mark— three years of age. Change is an interesting process, taking about ten minutes to completely renovate their physical form. When a pup Changes, they begin to feel oddly, their body (and most notably, their scent glands) release a mess of chemicals, before they fall numb and cannot move. Their bodies require mass amounts of water at this time, and are buoyant, so the crucial thing for others (usually family or friends) to do is to throw them into a stream, river, lake, or pond quickly. Then, just below the surface, their body Changes drastically. Strong-willed or prepared pups can remotely control how they want to look, down to fur colour and length if they're good, or lucky. This is where the huge variations in appearance come in, during Change. Before that, most siblings look somewhat alike. After change, fur colour changes regularly, though gradually, and fur length adapts to the weather. Some physical attributes after change can be : bladed tail, saberfangs, sharp claws. Never wings nor gills/fins. Some Semyma will take on a few feline characteristics, but not so much as canine.

Aging— Pups are grown at six years, and Change at three. Other than that, old age doesn't have much effect on this species. Adults feel no slowing down or other effects of growing old, and they stay active till death at 90 years.

Breeding / Family— Semymas pair off at any time during life, usually forming concrete bonds of friendship before making the ultimate transition to soulmates. ((Soulmates are never referred to as mates.)) Breeding is not shunned and spoken of casually, though it rarely comes up in day-to-day conversation. Young ones are pups or, occasionally, cubs, and there can be up to six or seven per litter. They're grown in six years, Changing at three. Females never breed again until their pups are full-grown.

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