Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Spirit

Height at the Shoulder~ 5-7.5 ft.

Species' Colors~ Either pale orange or white with black stripes.

Temperment~ Blunt, bluff, hearty, honest, and more friendly and lazy than Uuu's.

Species' Description~ Take a tiger, and take a raptor. *G* Enlarge the raptor and make it a bit heavier. Put the tiger's head on the raptor, put tiger fur on raptor, leave a furry raptor tail. Make the forearms a lot heavier and add broad tigerpaws. Their hindpaws are tigerpaws too, but bigger and with slightly longer toes to help traction. Their torso doesn't change much, aside from getting heavier and stronger. Sister-species to Uuuhreg. Often called just Rybs.

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