Rock Cat

Stone Tiger

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 3 ft

Species' Colors~ Medium shades of brown with black stripes and white underbellies. Usually, their eyes are gold, or green.

Temperment~ Very devoted to their families, and hardly ones to like a good fight. They live in tribes, with a family leading the group. They tend to stay in rocky areas with rivers, giving them their name of Stone or Rock Tigers.

Species' Description~ Small, agile felines, these cats are excellent swimmers in climbers, with specialized paws, toes, and pawpads to help them move about in their rough terrain. Otherwise normal, they swim wonderfully and can climb a reasonably smooth, vertical face of rock with ease. They're very focused on family, and only will fight to protect their loved ones. They're scattered in small pockets within Lavana's few rocky valleys.

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