Critter: Riower(s)

Home World~ Lavana
Height at the Shoulder~ 20-25 ft.
Species' Colors~ Light earth tones.
Temperment~ Nonsentient, but basically like bison. Dangerous when provoked, otherwise gentle grazers and yes, they do scavenge from other hunters' kills.
Species' Description~ Heavily built quadrupeds, Riowers have fur and rather bulked-up Brontosaurus heads. Their teeth are many, small, and sharp, able to eat scavenged meat or shred plant leaves and grass. Their necks are long, and their torsos are heavy and almost look pudgy, despite the fact that most of their weight is muscle. They have long, powerful tails that provide their defense from predators, and their legs are muscular, almost feline, and end in elephant-style feet. These cretts travel in small herds in the plains and in some sparse forests, venturing into the snowy arctic regions as well.

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