Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Spirit

Height at the Shoulder~ 2.5 to 4 ft

Species' Colors~ Wolf colours

Temperment~ Human-like. All the scope of humanity's personas crammed into one small species. Makes for one btsa of an asylum.

Species' Description~ These are a 'sister-species' to Shrarrs, though their common bond is a small mammal far back in their evolutionary lines. The only thing the two species share, aside from the same planet, is their fur. (Quoted) Hugely shaggy and either kinked or wavy, it's at least three-four inches long, but on the backs of their limbs, their stomachs, chests, as a mane, and their tail, it can reach up to two feet in length. The length isn't smooth, either, it appears erratically layered. This fur is tough but not course, and is inflammable and nearly impossible to slice. The fur is 'intelligent', to an extent. When attacked, the fur tangles around blades, claws, or teeth — the best way to injure a Rhauf is to stab them at a right angle to their hide. The fur not only tangles, it weaves and plaits so that often enough, the opponent can't pull away. Also because of this, the fur never needs brushed, as it untangles itself. Their fur is also a bad conductor, so electricity or energy must contact actual skin to have full effect. (Unquoted) Aside from that, they are completely different, as vaguely canine as Shrarrs are vaguely feline. Their heads are heavy and muzzles long, with large lupine ears and an entire bushel of whiskers on each side of their muzzle, and over their eyes. They have a fairly canine body, though their legs are long, muscular, slender, and toned, not to mention highly flexible. Their forelegs end in furred hands, almost exactly like human hands except for a greater range of motion. Their hind legs, however, simply end in paws with dull claws. Their tail is at least as long as them and up to twice their length, a huge bushy, fluffy, furry affair which is prehensile and vaguely similar to the tail of a Moon.

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