Renwo [plural - Renwos]

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Spirit

Height at the Shoulder~ Around four feet.

Species' Colors~ Pastels and earth colors, although their earvanes, claws, eyes, paws, etc. can be very bright, vibrant colours.

Temperament~ Pretty intelligent, sensible, responsible, but also curious and passionate about causes they believe in.

Species' Description~ Um, yeah, okay. Quadruped. They have a vulpine head (for the uneducated, that means fox-like) with internal ears, large bright eyes, and sharp but small teeth. However, they have big, fox-ear-shaped, peacock feathers. (Hard to describe) Basically, very whispy, shimmery, translucent ear-shaped feathers, that can be swept up or down, like ears, to display moods. Their fur is kinda long, but stiff, and where normally it would press downwards, the last half of each hair is arched up, so that basically you have a rather fluffy-looking critter, but it's not apparent that the fur curls. They can, however, flatten their fur and earvanes by bristling, which presses their fur forward into a reasonably flat surface, and their earvanes sweep back against their neck. Anyways. They have a semi-vulpine build, with a slender torso and long, vulpine legs. They have normal, fox-like paws with long, unretractable claws, but where a dewclaw would be on the inside of the leg, there's one on the outside of all four legs as well. And, the sharp little dewclaw can can extend on a slender, prehensile, downy-furred tentacle which is probably two feet long, maximum, and much shorter in males, probably up to a foot for them. They're developing technology slowly (don't ask for details unless you have an hour), the first of all on Spirit to do so. Anyways. They have a long, slender tail, probably a bit longer than themselves, which ends in an eyeball. The eye is protected by a thick, transparent, always-closed eyelid, as well as two others, the last of which is armored. These critters have very keen eyesight, but when looking at something with only their taileye, it has very bad depth-perception. They're pretty decent fighters, able to stay alive on their planet, but prefer staying home with the family and friends to exploring and adventuring. There are two dialects of their language, one which is simplistic and crude, the other which is eloquent and tasteful, but complicated. Oh, and their 'special quality' - they can stop their heart and stop breathing for over twenty minutes when need be (which means they can stay underwater for that long too), and they can thus move absolutely silently.

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